Bhairavi Desai and New York City Taxi Wars

New York TaxiWhile Obamacare battles brew nationally, on a local level, in New York City, The New York Post has recently reported that Cabbies are furious over a new related ObamaCare tax – which is a mandated Health Care Fund. In reality, the tax for all NYC cab drivers is a six cent per fare tax that wont go for healthcare – but will go for Obamacare tutorials.

Medallion owners have been outspoken against this tax — as The League of Mutual Taxi Owners (LOMTO) said: “The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is at it again.

They have mandated another controversial plan with many unanswered questions. It is irresponsible for the TLC to force all taxi drivers to pay into this fund. We have members who have health and/or disability insurance, therefore have no need or desire for such a fund.

Many drivers thought this fund was going to provide health insurance but it will not.”

Bhairavi Desai, the head of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance has been actively defending the tax throughout the media saying ““This is a good thing. This is going to give services to a population that’s been exploited.” Desai recently joined the national board of the AFL-CIO, America’s largest labor union.

As this battle progresses, a website has just launched at – which describes Bhairavi Desai as an avowed Marxist, supporter of many un-American values.” The site will be launching soon devoted to “showing the truth about Bhairavi Desai, the head of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance.

And surely there will be a rebuttal…



  1. Bhairavi Desai says

    “she chooses to ignore wars, acts of terror, refusal to recognize a permanent state of Israel alongside the Arab countries, and their consistent rallying cry to murder Jews all over the world.”

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