Boy Scout Leaders Deface Utah Rock Formation & Themselves [Video]

Whatever it took to become a Boy Scout decades ago, three Utah men just revealed is not what happens these days. Shooting video of themselves defacing an ancient rock formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park, Scout Leader Dave Hall and his fellows fairly well made fools of a national institution, and abused a monument too. In one fell swoop.

Boy Scouts are never supposed to lie - a scout's salute is a bond - courtesy Bernardo Fuller

Boy Scouts are never supposed to lie – a scout’s salute is a bond – courtesy Bernardo Fuller

Goblin Valley Park is famous for it’s so-called “goblin” rock formations caused by millions of years of erosion. According to the stories from Utah, Hall, Glenn Taylor, and another associate leading a scout group into the park stopped to topple one of these ancient rock formations over. They contend the formation was precariously perched, and was a hazard to hikers now. However, video shot by the good ole’ boys in the act depicts what appear to be three clowns gleefully pumping their fists into the air after destroying a 170 million year old “goblin”.

National Park officials are dumbstruck over the incident, and considering felony charges against the men. Utah State Parks spokesman Eugene Swalberg told reporters:

“This is highly, highly inappropriate. This is not what you do at state parks. It’s disturbing and upsetting.”

If you Google “Boy Scouts” this morning you won’t see the website of the Boy Scouts of America first in search results. You won’t find the Wikipedia entry for “scouting” either. A mention of scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell is not at the top of a Google search either. What you will find is a mockery of the Boy Scout oath:

“On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”

The original video the men shot and uploaded to YouTube was deleted, but users had already copied the video and reposted across the Internet. The example you will see below is one of these.

For any real Boy Scout the course of action if concerned about safety at a National Park is crystal clear. Had Hall and his associate Scout Leaders been so concerned over toppling rocks (Goblins) the Park authorities should have been notified. Respect for authority and the proper course, is in ever scout manual ever printed. What makes this story even worse is the fact these men were setting an example for other Boy Scouts under their tutelage.

Dishonor should never be an option gentlemen.

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  1. Phil Butler says

    If youtube had been around when Christ was alive, no doubt we’d have witnesses similar hooting, hollering, and cheering of piteous mediocrity. I just hope they read this somewhere.

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