Ohio River Valley Woman’s Business Council Gains Pro Bono PR From Eisen Marketing Group

Eisen Marketing Group

The Eisen Marketing Group recently offered a new program called Operation Outreach which was a grant program aimed at helping worthy organizations that might not be able to pay for quality PR marketing services on their own. One of the seven organizations to win pro-bono services from the public relations marketing firm was the Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council, which is thrilled to have access to such a big name PR firm.

The Eisen Marketing Group is a PR firm that has a long list of women business enterprises which they work with in areas of media relations and marketing. They will be adding the Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council to that list now.

“We are excited to begin working with a new entity which allows for the advancement and enhancement of business opportunities between women business enterprises and corporations through a reputable certification program, education and professional growth opportunities,” noted Rodger Roeser, president of EMG. “By providing our services we hope to enhance OVR-WBC’s outreach activities in order to promote the development of women owned businesses.”

The Business Council works with female business owners in the Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia area. They help women network with other business owners, corporations and larger companies, to market their businesses. With the help of a PR firm, the organization will be able to get their name out there and make themselves more publicly known so they can help even more women entrepreneurs.

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