City Of Philadelphia Seeks Media Agency

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) seeks proposals for media and    communications firms to, adapt, implement, and evaluate mass media campaigns and/or assigned communications projects for the agency’s        public health and health care programs.


The mission of PDPH is to protect and promote the health of all Philadelphians and to provide a   safety net for the most vulnerable.The department provides services, sets policies, and enforces laws that support the dignity of every man, woman, and child in Philadelphia. In addition to operating a network of safety net           health care services, PDPH also administers public health programs and pursues innovative           strategies to improve the population’s health. PDPH is organized in the following divisions and           programs, each of which provides services to Philadelphians:

  • AIDS Activity Coordinating Office
  • Air Management Services
  • Ambulatory Health Services
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Disease Control
  • Environmental Health Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Fiscal
  • Health Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Lead and Healthy Homes
  • Maternal, Child and Family Health
  • Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Opioid Prevention Program
  • Public Health Laboratory

Scopes of Work include campaigns or communication projects that

  • Prevent harmful health behaviors like smoking or risky drug use through mass media campaigns with specific target audiences;
  • Promote smoking cessation phone line among low-income adult smokers
  • Conduct message testing, focus group work, baseline surveys, and evaluation of messaging targeting addiction to prescription and non-prescription opioid drugs;
  • Involve graphic design and printing of epidemiologic or public health reports, plans, advisory group or task force publications, and related materials;
  • Involve media buying for pre-developed media messages in the local Philadelphia market for radio, online, social media, television, public transportation, billboard and other distribution channels;
  • Include novel message distribution models, including use of street teams;
  • Develop mobile-ready websites in multiple languages for safe sleeping messages for new mothers and families with young babies
  • Evaluate media campaign dissemination impact using a combination of surveys and digital

Scope of Work

 Through this RFP, PDPH seeks communications and media firms that can conduct some           or all of the             following activities as part of media campaign and/or communications projects.

CAMPAIGN PLANNING AND DESIGN – Develop new message concepts that address our       campaign           targets and guidance provided by PDPH; Create final ads / messages for television,         radio, public           transit, social media, and/or other channels as identified that reflect appropriate     message         testing and direction provided by PDPH; Identify existing, effective media campaigns             from other       communities that address our campaign targets and can be adapted for use in        Philadelphia; Provide related project and administrative management services to support     above work.

MEDIA PLACEMENT / GUERILLA MARKETING – Develop media purchasing plans and buy media in        order to reach target audiences effectively and efficiently through placement of      ads/messages in     appropriate media (in English language media and non- English language media outlets in      Philadelphia); As directed, implement guerilla marketing techniques such as “street teams” or other media distribution methods for campaigns or projects as directed by PDPH; Provide related project and          administrative management services to support above work. 

EVALUATION / MESSAGE TESTING – Cooperate with PDPH to conduct exposure monitoring   and/or surveys, focus groups as part of design and/or evaluation, process and/or outcomes measurement and evaluation, conduct market research, or other related testing and  evaluation as directed by PDPH; Provide related project and administrative management      services to support above work.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – Envision and implement graphic design of reports, plans, and other   materials in print or web formats as directed by PDPH; Provide related project and       administrative management services to support above work.

PRINTING – Cooperate with PDPH on printing of posters, plans, surveys, reports, and any   other materials as directed by PDPH, often with short turnaround times; Provide related       project and administrative management services to support above work.

PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY – Conduct photo and/or video shoots at direction of PDPH,     provide creative rights to preexisting content; and/or provide stock photography that meets       campaign needs; Conduct photo/video editing; Provide related project and administrative management services to support above work.

WEBSITE MANAGEMENT– Purchase on PDPH’s behalf website URL addresses, arrange       website hosting, and coordinate with City information technology programs to integrate   using City and PDPH’s branding and coordination with existing City and/or PDPH websites;     Provide related project and administrative management services to support above work.

LANGUAGE AND CULTURAL TRANSLATION – Organize language and / or cultural translation    appropriate for related campaigns and projects as directed by PDPH; Provide related project and administrative management services to support above work.

The Department anticipates carrying out a number of media projects (to be described in       Scopes of Work) during the contract period and having more than one qualified vendor on       contract. As each Scope of Work is initiated, the Department will choose among those   contracted vendors with the ability to conduct the activities needed for each project.

The City seeks proposals that may also be used by other City agencies within the Health and       Human Services Cabinet, including the Office of Homeless Services, the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbilities Services, and the Department of Human Services.

Due Date

February 26th 2018 5pm


All proposals must be submitted electronically to the correct contract opportunity established for this             RFP (identified by opportunity number), through the eContract Philly online application process at, Choose eContract Philly

Strong healthcare PR firms include Ketchum PR and Finn Partners.

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