Good Customer Service Leads to Brand Loyalty and Sales

emarketer146305 Good Customer Service Leads to Brand Loyalty and SalesCustomer service has changed with the expansion of the Internet and of social media networks. Brands with an online presence gain more in terms of brand loyalty if they provide excellent customer service, as new studies reveal.

86% of the people surveyed for a Q1 2012 study by the Temkin Group, a customer experience research and consulting firm, said that they are more likely to purchase something following a good customer service experience. 64% of the participants stated that they are unlikely to repurchase something if they were very dissatisfied with the customer service interaction.

Providing good customer service brings many benefits. Besides leading to repurchases, brands can turn people satisfied by the interaction with customer support into brand advocates. In fact, 48% of Internet users told other people “all the time” about a good customer service experience with a company, according to a 2012 American Express study.

When it comes to ways people use the Internet in their interactions with brands, a 2012 global customer experience study carried out by Capgemini revealed that social media was most important in the awareness stage. People use social media to find out more about products and promotions, but for delivery and after-sales care stages, smartphones are more useful.

There are many ways in which companies can use the online environment to benefit their business. One thing is clear though: if brands want to succeed in their online communication and interactions, they have to also provide good customer service. This takes time and dedication, but it proves to be beneficial for businesses. More information on this topic can be found in the “Multichannel Customer Service: Best Practices for Building Retail Loyalty” report (available to subscription clients only).

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