The PR Move that Saves Google Some Face

Google is not known as a company that listens to webmasters, but as a company that deranks websites without warning, at will. Its help forums are flooded with webmaster complaints, from site owners who saw their sites buried after algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin. Not long ago, we told you why Google’s PR problems are real – among them, Google’s inability to listen, and to offer genuine feedback.

As we explained, instead of defending its brand with transparency, addressing in an open dialogue user complaints and feedback, Google engages in a coverup of proportions. Failing to listen caused a gap in brand loyalty, even turning Google advocates into vehement critics. Things change, however, as Google is now attempting to prove its own loyalty to website owners, by offering free website reviews.

If you are a website owner, and want a Google expert to take a look at it, you have your chance next Monday. John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, announced that the company will be doing short website reviews for the office-hours hangout on Monday:

The event, called the English Google Webmaster Central site-review hangout, can be accessed here. The page liste over 550 Google+ users expressing their intention to attend, but more than some users interested in the event, what you can see are tens of desperate messages to Google from various website owners around the world, all with the same complaints concerning Panda, Penguin, and the latest Hummingbird algorithm. These people lost their rankings, and believe that the Google hangout website reviews on Monday can restore what they lost.

Whatever happens to these sites after the hangout, Google at least gives the impression that it is ready to listen, and to proactively engage with webmasters.



  1. saboma says

    Good luck on this, Mig. I sure hope that this issue gets resolved relatively soon especially since it has been ongoing for so many years. I had lost all interest due to this problem. Webmaster tools and its drama seemed to take all the fun out of being a webmaster. With special thanks to those who assisted me with the now defunct dotcom, I just couldn’t be bothered with any of it. The drama simply got old and quickly. I won’t even bother to watch any video if it has ads in it.

    • Mihaela Butler says

      You were lucky to find people to help. Those applying for the Google reviews now are naive enough to believe that they will receive real help from Google. But the illusion of being heard is better than silence I guess. :)

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