Grandparents Day: Are Grandparents Under Advertised?


I don’t know about you, but I don’t forget when Halloween is, or Valentine’s Day or even Thanksgiving. Even if you don’t celebrate those holidays, you get deluged with advertising for at least a month ahead of time. Grandparents Day snuck up on me though. In fact, I haven’t seen any actual ads for this special day. To be fair, I don’t live in the US, where these things tend to be best publicized, but you’d think an online ad or a deluge of articles would overwhelm me, much like the Christmas sales do each year.

Everyone has grandparents, whether living or not, so you’d think this would be a ripe target audience. With so many less significant holidays out there, wouldn’t you think that the people who gave your parents life be a little bit more celebrated? After all, they’ve been through at least two generations of kids already, gone from a computerless world to one that is nearly entirely automated at times and dealt with far more than we will for many more years. They’re people to be honored and celebrated, not ignored and pawned off with a cute Hallmark card, if you happen to remember that September 13th is Grandparents Day.

Perhaps the very fact that diamond necklaces aren’t a common gift for your grandmother makes this holiday somehow less important than, say, Valentine’s Day. What stops this one from being so heavily commercialized? Even Mother’s Day has been turned into a huge buying spree, so why not get everyone in a shopping frenzy for Grandma and Grandpa, t00?

Could it be that just one thing has been left alone as pure and innocent? Little kids color pictures for their grandparents . . . just like they used to for Mom, before it became the norm to give her a handcrafted glass vase with expensive flowers or the finest chocolates money could buy. Older ones might cobble together a birdhouse, or fashion an ashtray in school. If they remember that today is a special day, that is!

Grandparents Day may have gone by without much fuss, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more marketers taking advantage of it next year. After all, why not make some extra cash on a holiday that no one pays enough attention to? It’s something that won’t likely be missed out on for much longer by savvy marketers and PR folks.

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  1. Dave says

    A good “green” way to mark Grandparents Day on Sunday is to plant a tree in their memory.
    I did this last year and was pleased that all four of my grandparents are being remembered in this way.
    A website called Lasting Tribute has an offer to dedicate a tree in partnership with The Tree Appeal, for £9.99, which works out at half their usual price of £19.99.

    But you have to be quick – their offer ends on October.

    The link is and click on the Grandparents Day image.

  2. Marc Herstein says

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