When Will Meg Griffin Come Into Her Own?

For fans of the hit series Family Guy, Meg Griffin has to grow up sooner or later. Being the daughter of Peter and Lois has had its drawbacks for the this “teenager in tow” straight face of the show. But, will Seth MacFarlane’s genius extend to the dream of Meg, to become the hottie of the Griffin neighborhood? Seth has obviously had his hands full releasing spin offs of the super successful animated comedy, and with the premier of the new variant The Cleveland Show, and the subsequent eclipsing of Desperate Housewives by the two, one would think Meg would finally get her due?

Family Guy is certainly a phenomenon, but to be honest I never really got into the show before my partner made me watch the confounded episodes. “The rest is history” as they say, because the Griffins are now a fixture at our house, right alongside Pop Girl for our youngest. Why do I add such a personal note? Because any animated (or other) farcical comedy of the type which could garner my attention for more than 5 minutes, simply has to be utter genius.

meg suggestedMaybe this is where Meg’s problem resides, she is trapped in the pudgy body she never asked for, with a personality which is only slightly more normal than Stewie’s, and is destined to marry someone just like Brian because the collective genius of the creators is now over taxed. Well maybe, any way.

Over 10 million people tuned in for the season’s premier the other night, an audience very few shows ever see, and one which Family Guy has not witnessed for some time. So, maybe if all the fans of the show demand that Meg grow out of her mediocrity, MacFarlane will help her the grow to the other extreme. As for Desperate Housewives? You guessed it, the third favorite show in our house! I know you guys, what can I say?

Good entertainment is sometimes something one develops a taste for. Meg, all I can say is; “Demand some charm school lessons, a membership to the spa, and a makeover.” I predict Meg will look something like the image to the left once Seth is done with her. The question is, what will Stewie think then?

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