Nutricap Picks Infusion Direct Marketing

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Nutricap Labsdirect marketing infusion has decided to hire Infusion Direct Marketing as their PR agency of record. The marketing consultancy will be handling everything from list research and direct mail campaigns to strategic marketing planning, press releases and print advertising for their latest client. Nutricap Labs is confident their choice of companies is the right one.

“We are enthused to utilize the marketing expertise of Infusion to keep the momentum building for our organization. Our goal is to continue growing our business by launching targeted marketing campaigns that will increase brand awareness in the marketplace,” said Jason Provenzano, Executive Vice President for Nutricap Labs.

Nutricap Labs provides nutraceutical services as a leader in the vitamin industry. Their services include manufacturing under contract, packaging, and labeling, as well as filling out orders as they come in. The company manufactures vitamin tablets, capsules, creams and a number of other related products.

“The Infusion team is looking forward to working with one of the fastest-growing, privately held companies in America to help get the word out about their turn-key nutraceutical solutions,” said Monique Merhige, Infusion’s President.

The boutique direct marketing firm offers public relations services, event planning, direct mail, email campaigns, online advertising and offline, strategic market planning and lead management. The president of the company, Monique Merhige, brings 15 years of public relations experience to the table.

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