The Horrific Shaniya Davis Story

For days North Carolina authorities have been searching for 5 year old Shaniya Davis. Today, a week after she was reported missing by her mother, police think they found her body beside a road. Shaniya’s father, Bradley Lockhart, sat at a vigil praying as the news was broken to him. According to all the reports, Lockhart’s estranged wife, Antoinette Davis, is accused now of selling her little girl into prostitution. This almost unbelievable story has to be one of the most horrid I have personally ever heard tell of.

The mother, whom Davis held out hope of reconciliation with, was arrested on Saturday and is charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse for her alleged offering up her petite daughter into prostitution. Apparently a surveillance camera revealed one Mario Andrette McNeill, aged 29, carrying the young child into a hotel room on the same day the mother reported her missing. McNeill has since been charged with kidnapping, but obviously further charges are impending should evidence surface as to his and the mother’s part in the incident.

Literally hundreds of police and volunteers now stand paralyzed at the news the the little girl might be dead. No official identification has been made by officials in Fayetteville as of this writing. The father was visibly shattered in the parking lot of Swann Station Baptist Church in Sanford Monday night, where the vigil for young Shaniya was being held. Theresa Chance, Fayetteville Police Department spokeswoman had this to say:

“Detectives have been running off adrenaline to find this little girl and to bring her home alive. You have a lot of people in shock right now.”

Police have not established the relationship, if any, between Antoinette Davis and Mario Andrette McNeill. But it seems clear that a small child who has been missing, and then presumably being found dead, has some connection to the man seen carrying her to a hotel room. Bradley Lockhart must be literally out of his mind in grief and guilt now. He had raised the child until she was four, only allowing the mother to take her recently. He apparently acquiesced to the mother’s plea to care for the child, and be a good mother, as some reports reveal. Now, he has stated his self doubt and deep sadness over having let Shaniya go.

shaniyaEveryone has to be wondering what kind of world it is we live in where people can do things like this to their little ones. “Shocking” does not even begin to cover the depth of horrible emotion attached to this story. All we at Everything can say is that we offer our most sincere hope that this man somehow lifted from his misery. And, that somehow, the unfortunate little person who was found, is not this man’s child. Unimaginable, we are all so sorry, certainly there is no pit in hell suitable for those who offend angels.

The video below courtesy CBS, is Lockhart’s please for the return of little Shaniya, before this latest news arrived.

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  1. Shaniya4Ever says

    Why is anyone blaming the father? The two people responsible for the death of that little angel is her mother and the man who raped and killed that little girl. Who in their right mind would think that a mother would ever do this their own child? Perhaps the father had a lapse in judgment which he will suffer for the rest of his life, but to blame him for this is just as crazy and tragic as this whole story is.

    I watch that video of Shaniya and my heart breaks into thousand pieces. I have a daughter and she looks at me the same way when I put her to sleep or hold her. I just feel so sick thinking about the last moments of her life. I know we are suppose to forgive and feel compassion, but this one is really hard to get over. I have always opposed the dealth penalty but then I read about cases like this and I don’t think even the death penalty is harsh enough for the mother and the killer. I just hope Shaniya did not suffer too greatly and now rests in peace in heaven.

  2. Kennethia thompson says

    Thz is a damn shame when a so called “MAN”has 2 get his pleasure from a baby and even a bigger shame for the mom 2 offer her little girls body up like that 4 her own personal gain she needs 2 b done the same way she was done!! As 4 the monster who did this 2 that baby i hope when he goes 2 jail he gets the same treatment he gave lil shaniyah and one last thing how dare her mother even call herself a mom ur a evil non loving “B—H” and if u even had a heart or even loved that baby u should’ve left her with the people who really and honestly loved that baby. BURN N HELL U SICK INNOCENT STEALING, CHILD RAPIST. AND U SORRY POOR EXCUSE 4 A MOTHER U SHOULD HAVE LEFT HER WITH HER REAL PARENT AND REAL FAMILY! SORRY 4 UR LOST 2 THE REAL FAMILY OF SHANIYA DAVIS MAY SHE REST N PEACE OUR HEARTS GOES OUT 2 UR FAMILY FRM MY FAMILY AND THE ENTIRE CITY OF DETROIT MICHIGAN MUCH LOVE KENNETHIA THOMPSON & FAMILY

  3. Lupe Espinoza says

    I am a mother…..Shaniya is an Angel…know no one will ever hurt her again!!She is in the presence of our Lord Jesus..and Our Enternal Father…I grieve for her even though we lived in a different state she is in my prayers and she will not be forgotten…by me…..

  4. Sandy says

    I cannot believe that peoples like this exist. How can you seriously sell you’re own flesh and blood (such an angel face) to these unworthy, pedofile monsters. I hope the mother and these perverts die a slow and painfull death…
    The word “disgust” is too small to describe what I’m feeling now towards the mother….I hope she rots in hell.
    My heart goes out to her father…my prayers are with him. May the Lord carry him through this difficult time.

  5. john says

    Now keep in mind that I lot of the comments I see here that are more megative about the father then they are about the people that actually committed the crime. These people have all been indoctrinated by radical feminist groups. They probably work for SS (social services) CPS (child protective services). They could be advocates that work with the court system. During any incident involving children they stretch, reach, and insinuate the father’s guilt even if they are not present or have no real way. Ussually there is little or no mention of a mom doing anything. They do this to keep peoples perception of men low, not just men but specifically fathers. Even Anina’s last comment Dad had to go to work so aunt checked on Shaniya, doesn’t matter…. Dad catches her wrath. Not the mother that sold her daughter into protitution, not the boyfriend who raped and murdered this little girl…. Who does she blame? the Dad…. Harshly punish everyone…I hope you are not in charge of helping children either…. You are now qualified to fly a kite.

  6. Anina says

    Also, I’d like to add… This was more than a miss step on the fathers part, more than a lapse in judgement. This was neglect. It was, plain and simple. He was hoping someone else would step in and take care of his daughter the way they had with his other kids.

  7. Anina says

    Yes, I just feel that the Father really did not put the best interests of his beautiful baby first. If he had, none of this would have happened because there was NO way IN HELL that a truly caring parent would let their child be alone in an environment that was even the LEAST bit sketchy, NEVER MIND with a “mom” who had a HISTORY of not being able to provide for her child (not only financially but just simply provide a safe place to spend time with her). He would have allowed for supervised visits on his premises or on neutral grounds FIRST for short periods of time for several months. Then, maybe he would have allowed for the mom to stay at his place for an extended period of time to visit with Shaniya, (As anyone who has known a drug addict in recovery knows if you can’t trust them not to steal from your house, you can’t trust them with your baby). Then after doing that for several months, THEN let the mom take her own her own terms for day visits, which would over time lead to weekend visits, but this would all be going on for a very long while, maybe even a year or more, before it would extend to leaving her in her care for over a MONTHS time while you go OUT OF STATE to work! (That’s another thing, when I leave on a business trip for just two days even I am calling myc kids shcools to see how they are doing and calling my husband constantly to see how they are all holding up without me. I am compelled to do this because I care for them, It would never have gone unnoticed that my child was NOT IN SCHOOL!) It may be a little extreme to some, these suggestions, but I just feel that this was a mom with a shady past which everyone but the father seemed to know about, so this isn’t normal circumstances. It required extra caution when planning for visits. I don’t think what I am saying is far out. Besides, you can’t be too safe when it comes to your own child! I mean, that is the real crux of this all. He claims he wanted to allow this heathen of a woman the time to be with her baby, be a mom to her, he felt this was the RIGHT thing to do. But how is it right when it conflicts with the safety and well being of the baby?! Sometimes the “RIGHT” thing is not the right thing, if you get me. I think a caring parent would have done that instinctively, been very cautious about visitation, that is. He seemed to leave Shaniya for such a long time without checking in on her, in a way that just makes me think, he was hoping the mom would be ablet to take her off his hands for good. Sadly, painfully, tragically, she did. (The aunt supposedly did check on Shaniya, but if she did then SHE REALLY has NO excuse for not taking her out of that environment.) That’s all I am going to say on this. I think now it is a time for action. We need to push the justice system to make harsh punishment the norm when it comes to child abuse of any kind. We cannot allow beasts to get away with this rape on society!
    I truly wish I could rewind time and bring this beautiful soul back, I know I cannot but lets make her horrific passing what propels us forward to making this world a better place for all of our children. Don’t turn the other way when you see anything going wrong in someone else’s life either.

  8. john says

    Wow Tya I am impressed. I am also in a split relationship, I have no idea what goes on in the mother’s home. I know through friends that she has been reported to social services and no one from social services contacted me. On several occasions my 30 lb 2 year old daughter has been dropped off to me with bruises in the shape of fingers and hands on her body. I had reported the abuse during the custody hearing and no one cared or listened, my expressed my concerns with social services about other men coming in and out of her mother’s house. I have taken regular pictures of bruises in the hope that one day someone will listen to me and save my daughter. There are witnesses of her squeezing the baby until she had thumb bruises in her chest because the baby was crying. Unfortunately for me and my daughter she accused me of domestic violence so all facts and evidence were thrown out and they listened to the words coming out of my X’s mouth rather then real evidence. Here is a post I put on another site about domestic violence registries and the point of this is to show some of the policies revolving around the help Shaniya should have had…I don’t want to re-type my story…

    Story… “In it’s current state the registry would not effect me, but I have serious issues with this… When I was going through a divorce I was accused of domestic violence, Without any evidence she had me thrown in jail and got sole custody of our daughter. Eventually (after a year and a half of court battles $15000) with witnesses and appeals and getting the transcripts and having them professionally transcribed ($1000 a pop) I was able to prove that she was lying so the domestic violence case was dismissed. Before the case was dismissed I had to pay over $10000 dollars for a temporary custody hearing, in that I was still appealing the domestic violence charge and lost custody of my daughter but was able to secure every other weekend and every Monday and Wednesday although I am no longer her father by law and am still considered a visitor, and because of my background being absolutely clean and was able to secure unsupervised visits. I dont want to even talk about the divorce and what it cost but there once again another reeming. Many men do not have this kind of money, and plead no contest off the bat. 1 Million men a year are thrown in jail on false claims of domestic violence. Social services and child protective services are stretched so thin because anyone can claim domestic violence.

    A few years ago a women in Arizona had a restraining order put on David Letterman, she lived 2000 miles away and admitted she never actually met him. A judge put the restraining order on Dave Letterman because the woman explained that he had been on her TV for the last 11 years and sent her secret messages through the TV forcing her to spend all of her money and this was mental abuse. The judge agreed and the restraining order was issued. It is getting to the point where the “protection” is hurting more people then it is helping. I would be for a registry if the laws revolving around domestic violence were fair, and they are highly stacked against men.

    Here are what some of the laws state, how judges should handle domestic violence cases now…

    The accuser is given 51% of the weight as evidence as the truth (remember the scales of justice are blind, this tips the scales, and removes the blindfold) so given that fact there is also no way for a man to defend himself in court(If her word is 51%, then how can witnesses, video, audio, the person being 2000 miles away be a higher percent of evidence? The most all of those thing combined could be is 49%). Now they do this by charging you in either district court, or civil court (this is how they dodge the constitution). They will not allow any taping or transcripts in district court, and the conviction rate is nearly 100% against men and the conviction rate for women accused of domestic violence is around 4-7%. Less then 1/3 of male on female domestic violence cases are won in criminal court most get dropped because of lack of evidence.

    Now given all those statements, I see and hear many sad stories about women who are in fact victims of domestic violence and I also see and hear many sad stories of the falsely accused. No one will ever have their freedom, until we can come up with a system that doesn’t hurt everyone no matter what…

    People should have to at least show a bruise or a mark or something that looks like they were hit before they throw people in jail or have a witness that says you did it. Something real…A threatening email or message, not just words coming out of one person’s mouth… that’s just to much.”

    Sorry for the laziness, but the point is… And once again… We pay for all of this!!!! For the ones Bea and Tya see in these”areas” where apparently everyone is crazy and only get busted when they finally murder someone. Then guess what? When the murderer gets busted we pay forever until that murderer is gone. We pay for every meal, shower, cable TV, AC, everytime they flush the tiolet, every layer of security and security personnel, the people that bring the food and wash the clothes, their gas, insurance, the judge the court house all those facility expensses, socail services, and all their facility expenses, gas, insurance………And the problem is worse and worse and worse…Our solutions facilitate the problem. We have laws that prevent social services from reporting what is said from one parent to the other. It is against the policy of social services to inform the other parent of anything. What is the point??? No wonder Bea is burnt, no wonder the police are bitter, no wonder people living in this environment are capable of such acts, no wonder I am broke, and so are all of you…it’s because of the solutions. Cleary anyone can make a point about what failed in any part of the process, so I ask you again why blame the dad? Because he went out of town for 1 night? Because he wanted a night off? And like Tya said they have been trading back and forth…. When I do that with my daughter I don’t see inside her house, she doesn’t see in mine. We don’t even talk. What is the point??? Someone said in an earlier post to teach empathy? I think they are on to something. And wake up because not just the dad is broke everyone and everything is broke…. I just wanted to comment earlier that I felt like he was trying to do the right thing by reaching out to the mother even though she had problems well we all do.

  9. venice mentor says

    It is obvious, reading some of these responses, that there are many people who need relief from depression, need recovery from emotional disorders, mood disorders, major depression, bipolar depression, manic-depression, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, nervous mental disease, psychosomatic disorders, codependency and overlying addictions, angry, aggressive, or criminal behavior, etc., etc.,etc. Tya, please get help or we may be reading about you in the paper in the future. Also remember, hind sight is 20/20 vision.

    In situations such as the death of Shaniya, “woulda, coulda, shoulda”, always seems to be the direction people take. Keep your mind keen, your eyes open and your ears in tune for you may be able to catch a crime in the making, before it gets out of hand. Let your voices be heard and help stop these types of crimes from happening. You can make a difference without going on a witch hunt.

  10. Tya says

    PHIL IN RESPONSE TO YOUR REMARKS ((((( I suggest you try walking in the shoes of other people. I have walked many miles and have seen many things))))))TRY WALKING A LIFETIME IN MY SHOES YOU CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO KNOW ANYWHERE I’VE WALKED
    I SEXUALLY ABUSED I WAS BEATEN, STARVED, MY STEPFATHER MURDERED MY 10YR OLD SISTER,don’t even think I couldn’t tell you some horrid stuff My life was crap but I never turned to drugs,My point is there was alot of red flags here and nobody got strong enough to get involved,Meth and Crack are the DEVIL HERE. THE GRACE OF GOD SAVED ME and I’m no way walking a perfect know it all life but I always listen rather than talk over someone and I ALWAYS TRY to see the BIGGER PICTURE, I’M SORRY if I sound harsh its just my grief for this precious child,and seeing my 10yr old sister beat to death sickens me.

  11. Tya says

    PHIL IN RESPONSE TO YOUR REMARKS ((((( Every time you or I speed on the way to the store, each time we allow our kids to stay our too late, or 100 other situations where disaster lurks around the corner.)))))TRUE ,BUT Would you let your own child go stay with this evil woman or boyfriend? NO YOU WOULD NOT and neither WOULD I ITS called being responcible and that father wasnt even raising his other kids and as far as BEA GOES I ADMIRE YOUR INTELLECT BEA AND I UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY KEEP ON ALWAYS A FRIEND Tya ,Thank God we are not like some whos popsicle has started to melt slurp slurp.

    • says

      Actually Tya, I did allow my child to be with his evil mother. A long time ago, and perhaps not quite as evil as this woman, but on the edge of it. One hopes against hope in such situations. One lays awake at night hoping a mom will be a mom, hoping he did the right thing. I suggest you try walking in the shoes of other people. I have walked many miles and have seen many things. Been a good person, and stumbled along the edges of being a bad one at times.

      I guess it is all relative and conditional. Once someone goes to where this mom did, it is very hard to come back. But, I have known people who did it. Like you, I think the woman should be dropped from an airplane without a parachute..she crossed the line of humanity. Her payment however, will be a dark abyss none of us can imagine I would guess.

      This father made a terrible mistake in judgment. His life will be forever shadowed by this. I think that is enough punishment given his situation in all this. Maybe even too much. The other people are a different story. As for us, we have to ride the razor of humanity and compassion too.


  12. Tya says


    Shaniya had spent most of the past three or four years living with Lockhart at his home in northern Cumberland County. Lockhart characterized his recent relationship with Antoinette Davis as typical of one between parents in a split family.

    Lockhart is a contractor who often works out of state. He said Shaniya had been staying with her mother since Oct. 9 while he was gone. His sister, Carey Lockhart-Davis, said Shaniya had split her time between her and Antoinette Davis since then.

    Those caring for Lockhart’s older children say he knew Davis’ home was not safe for Shaniya and that he should not have allowed her to stay there.

    Tim Allen has been caring for Lockhart’s 17-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, since July. Cheyenne lives with Allen and his daughters, with whom she attends Pine Forest High School. Allen said Lockhart agreed Oct. 1 to let Shaniya stay with his family at night while Lockhart was gone and for her to spend the days at a day care run by Allen’s mother. A day later, Allen said, Lockhart told him he had changed his mind.

    “He said he knew she wasn’t supposed to be over there, but he wanted to give her biological mother a chance,” Allen said. On Oct. 3, Lockhart left town, Allen said, returning the day Shaniya went missing.

    Cheyenne said she didn’t have much contact with Shaniya’s mother, but Cheyenne never thought she was capable of her alleged involvement in the girl’s disappearance. But she said her father knew of problems in the Davis home.

    “He knew Antoinette wasn’t capable of taking care of Shaniya,” Cheyenne said.

    Lockhart has said that Davis had been holding a steady job and that he wanted her to have a relationship with her daughter. He said twice during Tuesday’s news conference that he didn’t know the entire situation involving Davis and the Department of Social Services.

    Cheyenne is one of three children Lockhart had with his wife of seven years, Vickie Sue Lockhart.

    In 1998, Vickie Sue Lockhart was murdered along with her 19-year-old sister at a home on Graham Road. The two women were bound, gagged and shot with a shotgun in what police said was a robbery.

    Three others also were shot; one, 24-year-old David Epps, also died. Two men were later convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

    Since the murders, Cheyenne and her brothers stayed mostly with their grandparents, Byron and Phyllis Coleman, in the Remington subdivision behind Seventy-First High School.

    “We’ve had a lot of tragedy in our family,” said Byron Coleman, Vickie Sue Lockhart’s father.

    Coleman said he was angry about Shaniya’s death.

    “He knew the situation with this girl,” Coleman said. “He knew the kind of environment.

    “Why take Shaniya back to a woman like that? That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

    The Colemans and Brad Lockhart have been on opposing sides in several lawsuits in recent years, most of which were dismissed. A case filed in 1998 resulted in the Colemans being granted custody of their grandchildren and child support in 2007, according to court files.

    Before Shaniya’s death, Lockhart was paying child support on three children, including Shaniya and two of the children from his marriage.

    “I would have kept Shaniya, but he never asked me,” Phyllis Coleman said. “After all, I kept his (other) three children.”

    On Tuesday afternoon, Lockhart publicly thanked everyone involved – law enforcement agencies and volunteers – in searching for his daughter.

    “They did the best job they can do,” he said. “I thank you so much for not forgetting about Shaniya and bringing her home. It’s not the result I wanted. It’s not the result any father or family would want for their children, but God has a greater calling for all of us.”

    As he stood outside his home, the front porch covered in stuffed animals and silk flowers, Lockhart’s hand shook as he read from a page of notes.

    He begged anyone with knowledge of other endangered children to notify authorities.

    “Report it, and if you’re unable to report it … take it to somebody that can,” he said.

    Neighbor Scott Rollston said a memorial page has been set up on Facebook and a foundation has been established in Shaniya’s name. Donations can be made at the Wachovia Bank on Morganton Road.

    Shaniya’s funeral arrangements will be made through McLaughlin Chapel, the Lockhart family church, Rollston said.

    Lockhart said Shaniya was “full of joy.”

    “Every day was special with Shaniya,” he said. “Once she was your friend, she was your friend for life

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