Zimmerman Agency Named the Top Public Relations Company in Florida

Zimmerman Agency PR

For the 7th time in as many years, Zimmerman Agency has been named the biggest public relations agency in Florida by O`Dwyer’s. This isn`t their only victory, however, Zimmerman also placed first in earnings within Florida, with revenues reach nearly $8.2 million in its public relations division and coming in at nearly double the earnings of the second place agency in the same state.

Based out of Tallahassee, Zimmerman Agency represents clients from travel and hospitality industries. Their notable clients are many and include big names like The Laser Spine Institute, Club Med, Nature´s Own by Flowers Foods, and Sanderson Farms Chicken. The public relations company excels in promoting travel related companies and has represented luxury clients in many parts of the world. More recently, Zimmerman expanded their travel client roster with clients located in prestigious areas such as Barbados, Riviera Maya, Palm Beach, Anguilla, Hawaii and Punta Cana.

“The Zimmerman Agency handles major national consumer brands as well as the most highly visible state programs,” says Carrie Englert Zimmerman, co-president, The Zimmerman Agency. “Clients prefer our approach to powerful public relations beyond the basic public affairs bubble.”

Best known for their PR work with hot luxury vacation destinations and brands, Zimmerman looks forward to continuing their winning streak and coming out ahead in years to come.

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