Troy Jackson Streetball Legend Dead At 38

Troy Jackson Streetball Escalade

Street basketball hero Troy Jackson died earlier today in Los Angeles, the Dix Hills, NY street legend was 38. Jackson is best known for not only his stature as a 6 foot 10, 500 something pound giant, but as one of the most flamboyant and gifted athletes ever. His flair and style of play thrilled spectators who watched ESPN And1 Tour games.

The Los Angeles medical examiner told reporters that the cause of Troy’s death was hypertensive heart disease. Troy did look out of place on the court, given his stature as a giant in height and in girth as well. At over 500 pounds, not too many people shoved Troy out of position under the boards.

His nickname was Escalade, you know, like the big Cadillac SUV? The image below of Troy and his teammates shows a bit of his presence.

Troy Jackson and his teammates

But the dude could handle the ball like a guard, and it was this that really threw off the competition – and the people who watched him play too. Robert D. Purvy, executive director of the sneaker company And1 (the sponsors) had this to say about Troy: “The thing that stuck out most was athleticism and agility that belied his size. Great dexterity, great ball handling, and he had a sense of style and a flair for the dramatic”

One of Troy’s fellow streetballers, The Professor (Grayson Boucher) spoke to the New York Times, “He brought an element to street ball that nobody had ever seen. He was a big huge dude who played like a guard does.”

As I write this and look for images and video for you, I am touched by how Troy’s death has affected the basketball community. Troy was the brother of NBA star Mark Jackson, and everyone from ESPN and Charles Barkley to the And1 website is expressing their grief and condolences to Troy and Mark’s family.

Here at Everything PR News, everyone would like to offer condolences too. It’s always a sad thing to hear of a death, and somehow all the more gripping when dynamic athletes go.

I was reading how Troy grew up around Madison Square Garden where his brother played so many games. I imagine a kid, starry eyed, dreaming of legendary feats….then carrying them out in his own way, a street baller, the essence of true basketball.

Troy, we know you will pick up a good game up there, with Earl The Goat Manigault, Herman the Helicopter Knowlings, Joe “The Destroyer” Hammond, and even the greatest of them all, Wilt. Peace brother, and save a next for me.

Street ball legends, who's next?

Streetball legends, who’s next? God Bless Troy Jackson

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