10 Value Investing Blogs to Check Out!

10 Value Investing Blogs to Check Out!

Let’s be honest. Time is a valuable asset to everyone. It can be hard navigating the web looking to find good advice for investing your money. The good news is that compiled in this article are 10 blogs you need to check out regarding finance.

1. ValueWalk

This blog is great because it offers breaking financial news, usually on things like hedge funds and value investing. One great feat about this site is that it is free and offers quality content to value investors. Even senior level executives find this blog helpful!

2. The Reformed Broker

Back in 2008, Josh Brown started this blog out of New York City. At the time, he was a financial advisor and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. This blog covers everything from economics to investing, culture to finance, and everything in between. Brown’s wonderful usage of literary devices makes this blog enjoyable to read.

3. SumZero

This blog is great because it is community-based. The site provides quality investment research from some of the best hedge fund managers and investors in the game. This site is not only network enriching for its members but also career enhancing.

4. Base Hit Investing

This blog was started by John Huber, a portfolio manager at the value-focused investment firm Saber Capital Management, LLC. Saber really tries to show how he makes long-term bets on things that are undervalued. Some of the topics that he covers frequently on his site include case studies, how to improve results, industry-oil, industry-banks, industry-insurance, industry-railroads, education, and investment ideas and company research.

5. Zero Hedge

When creating their blog, the host made it very clear what their mission was. It is to widen people eyes when it comes to financial, economic, and political information, to examine several works of financial journalism to see if it’s quality and to liberate oppressed knowledge in the financial industry. One great thing about this blog is it has a newsletter. Members can subscribe to this while getting daily alerts.

6. Contrarian Edge

This blog was created by former analyst and portfolio manager Vitaliy Katsenelson. He is now the CEO of Investment Management Associates. Throughout his blog, he covers topics such as crypto, capitalism, and behavioral investing.

7. The Brooklyn Investor

In this blog, the author is unknown. However, he does indeed go over his past by describing his career on Wall Street. He likes Warren Buffett’s investment style and likes to go over blue-chip stocks

8. Memos of Howard Marks

Howard Marks is the CFA and Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital Managment, a global alternative investment management firm focusing on credit. In the blog, Marks covers things like index investing, macro-fragility, and algorithmic investing.

9. Berkshire Hathaway Reports

Warren Buffett is the king of long-term investing. These reports are coming from his company so I hope they would be worth reading.

10. The Manual of Ideas

Intelligent investors gather in this community of ideas and startups. It is like value investing but with a twist to it that many people like.

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