All Social: New User-Focused Social Media Platform Making Waves

A brand-new social media platform is already making waves across the industry. AllSocial aims to put users first while creating an experience that allows you to discover exciting stories, connect with friends and share content that matters to you. AllSocial has placed control back into the hands of users, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the platform has skyrocketed since inception. The creators of AllSocial have taken user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) into great consideration and have created an open, safe and secure community that fulfills the internet’s original promise of connecting people. 

Think of AllSocial as your social media hub. Posts, pictures, videos and other content from around the web, including from other social media sites, can be shared and played directly from the AllSocial newsfeed. Most importantly, each time you post to your profile, AllSocial sends your message to 100% of your followers. AllSocial has become a unique platform on the market by solving key problems for social media users in today’s complicated world.

The AllSocial difference… 

What most people don’t realize is that other big social media companies restrict the distribution of your posts. Currently, when users post on other social media sites, less than 10% of their followers actually see that content. AllSocial fixes this massive issue by not allowing an algorithm to determine what your friends and followers see from your profile. With AllSocial, 100% of your content is delivered to all your followers 100% of the time. Nearly every other platform has abandoned this chronological layout for a more complicated, algorithmic system. AllSocial has purposefully retained this chronological method for their newsfeed, allowing you to see every single post from those you follow and allowing your important messages to actually be seen by your followers each and every time.

All Social has committed publicly and in writing to never selling the data of their users, a strategic differentiator that users are thrilled about. The new social media platform believes in honoring the privacy of their users and has made this a central pillar of the platform. When you sign up for AllSocial you can have peace of mind in knowing your private information will not be sold to a third party.

AllSocial is committed to pro-actively working to enforce community standards, taking any concern or violation of terms seriously and addressing it in a prompt manner. Combining Artificial Intelligence and human moderation, posts that fall into the categories of porn, illegal, harmful or highly offensive, are either removed directly or sent to a moderator for confirmation of removal. AllSocial is not a place for hate and never will be.

AllSocial is a for-profit organization and plans to generate revenue based on selective advertisements within the newsfeed, similar to how other social media platforms operate. The company is backed by private investors and venture capitalists who see the exciting future for AllSocial. The platform only recently launched in April of 2019 and is already gathering a massive number of users.

Since its launch, AllSocial has over 700,000 new users. It’s likely that the site will continue to grow exponentially in the following months.

The app has been praised for a sleek, compact design that makes it easy to see what is being shared and created by other people on the platform. Additionally, it is one of the easiest social media sites to sign up for. New users join by downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and only inputting their name and email. A profile is then generated, and users are free to start sharing what matters to them.

AllSocial makes it easy to invite your friends. The company has invested very little capital into direct advertising. Instead, they have relied on influencer endorsements as well as word of mouth communication between AllSocial users and their friends to grow the user base. AllSocial projects to have millions of users in the coming months, an easily realistic goal given the way people are flocking to join the unique platform.