PR Resources: Animated Explanation Videos by How It Works Media

Animated Explainer Video

An animated video could be just what your business needed to generate that extra level of interest from peers, potential customers and the media. It all depends on your business profile, and specific, of course, but animation to promote a product or service is a growing trend. While many companies use animated videos for advertising purposes, How It Works Media has other solutions: animated explanation videos for technology companies, app developers, social applications, and any online business that needs to create a simple, entertaining video that explains what the company does or how their service works.

The business launched this week, and it has already been featured at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference, New York Times Online, and on Fox Business News.

The video embedded below gives you a first idea of How It Works Media can do for you. Basically, the company covers all your needs, from graphic design, to animation and script writing, with video and audio production as well.

How It Works Media was founded by Eric Winchester and Scott McGregor, two web marketers who saw an opportunity in producing just what the name of the company implies: “how it works” presentations for a number of apps, websites, communities and so on. They based their business idea on through research that shows that viewers retain 58% more information watching a presentation than reading from something like a booklet.

If you are an online entrepreneur, you already know how challenging it is to capture the attention of a website visitor, and how difficult it can be to retain that visitor and make her want to spend more time on your site. Creative videos may do the trick, if they are entertaining, fun, and to the point. For companies that need to “teach” users how to use their apps, and online products, screenshots and large amounts of text don’t do the trick. This is where How It Works Media’s idea makes sense.

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