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Ashley Greene Twilight

Does anyone ever get naked without a cameraman present these days? The latest hot trend on the Internet is obviously the adolescent search for still more “leaked” nude celebrity photos. The subject of amorous (or grotesque) curiosity this time, 22 year old Ashley Green, star of the Twilight saga. Of course Perez Hilton was somehow the first to display the nude pics of the beautiful rising star, but those on his site have been removed since Green’s attorney entered the fray.

Ironically Green, who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight series, just recently won the Teen Choice Award for “Fresh Face”, just how fresh is now a matter of speculation. For this writer, it seems pretty clear that images of girls somehow “leaked”, and then summarily removed out of some fear of legal retaliation serve a great publicity purpose. Just the news of the images on the Web often starts a feeding frenzy for 15 to 25 year old surfers. Is this just a publicity stunt?

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A direct quote from Green’s attorney can be found on MTV’s version of the story. Her representative told MTV: “The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed.” Threatening to sue Hilton over the display of the supposed “illegal” photos seemed to do the trick, which is a little surprising for this writer. Regardless, I guess we are now supposed the be enthralled by not only nude pics of bimbos from Hollywood, but we have digressed to search for “rumors” of nude photos too. The supposed sexy shots are reportedly no where to be found at this hour.

These stories have dominated Google searches and gossip publications for what seems like months now. One starlet after another (and even some who are not starlets) has been the subject of what can only be called; “Searches for the holy grail of Google – nude pics.” The only interesting thing about this episode, besides Green’s tongue in cheek “freshness” label, is the fact that somehow Hilton had to back down. I am wondering what legality would be present which would prevent the posting of the images on his rag? Time will tell I suppose, but perhaps budding starlets should either watch out for cameras or get naked less often if they ever want to be serious actresses.

And! If you ever wondered just how “goofy” the world has gone over even minor movie stars, here is just one video of the paparrazi going nuts over Ashley. All I can say is, there must be 100 wanna bee photo journalists for everyone in Hollywood. Jeeez!

Ms. Greene is represented by California based PR Firm Rogers & Cowan.

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