The 5 Best Google + Pages for Business

Google + PagesIt’s no secret that when Google announced opening the doors to G+ for businesses, a sort of gold rush fever struck. One after another, those surfing about on Google Plus cannot help but note some extraordinary corporate presences popping up. Everything PR News

takes an early look at some of the best ones before Thanksgiving. Hint: Expect some surprises from Google for Christmas.

The first G + business page that came to our attention, the Volkswagen USA Google + Page, is arguably the best of the business ones on Google + so far. Of course, this is my own personal opinion, but clearly a great many already have +1’d the page. VW USA has over 800 followers so far, and it’s easy to see why. Besides Richard MacManus, Editor of ReadWriteWeb suggesting the page to friends :) It is strikingly effective as an announcement VW has landed on G+ – the high resolution branding and symbolic imagery VW uses are superb.

Looking at the page below, note not only the crisp – almost unforgettable VW logo – but which of VW’s other entities on G+ have been to VW USA’s circles. VW, VW, VW, Audi, and Jalopnik, the people at Volkswagen have purpose, more on that later. Enjoy VW USA below, click the images to check out their first go at Google’s industry changing social network.

Volkswagen USA G + Page

Number one in our book – how about yours?

Motorola Mobility is another contender for the best of the best presences on Google + with their high resolution progressive imagery, and crisp design principles. As you can see below, the folks at Google, er uhum, Motorola, know how to create a striking landing. The only down side I see to this engagement so far are the very limited number of + 1’s and friends Motorola has. Suggest a contest perhaps?

With the release of the new DROID RAZR, Motorola is clearly ahead in the G+ rush to social networking fame. Click the image to visit their G + business page.

Motorola Mobility - Number Two in the pages area

We voted Motorola Mobility Second Place – How about you?

Google. One thing about creating a dynamite social network, your company had better be good at what is is suggesting others do. In the case of G+ Pages, Google has made an extraordinary example to follow, and follow – many, many have. Check out the branded Google Plus Page for Google Plus Pages. Thematic as ever, transparent in intent, minimalist, and with just that touch of cutesy Google is so good at.

Like Volkswagen USA, Google has put all the elements in place, and then some. Looking at who is in their circles, you’ll see Google product branded upon the brand. Zagat to YouTube. Like it or not, Google knows how to express their own brand, how to use their own products to maximum effect. To see something cool, click on the g+ in the upper left corner of their page.

Google's Google Plus Page

Number three, only because Google must try harder and harder

The Wall Street Journal leads the pack among media outlets, especially the newspaper type. You probably imagined The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and a host of others climbing about the G+ Pages train early, but such is not really the case.

As you can see from the screen shot below of the WSJ Google page, the editor has directed that the simplicity of Google be grafted onto the stunning creativity of some WSJ artists. B & W caricatures, the simple conveyance of the paper’s ink and paper heritage – this is really beautiful. Click on the image below to visit.

Wall Street Journal Google + engagement

The WSJ’s simple, yet stunning graphics

The fifth spot in our Google + Pages lineup for early on goes to another media outlet, TIME. Not the vision of loveliness I would have imagined, Time’s creative lot have never the less created a striking branded page for the magazine’s faithful. The familiar logo, carried through in miniature magazine cover layouts across the page, conveys a progression, as the magazine’s title conveys too.

Current events and breaking news from around the world, and throughout time, this is what you see and get on this page. Almost 14,000 are already following. The Jackie “O” cover to the fact Time’s competitors suck so far at creating Google + Pages, there’s lots of reasons Time ranks. Click on the image below to visit.

Time Magazine's Google + Page

Number four by virtue of other media outlets sucking – Time

And an honorable mention has to go to a sort of Google adversary. Kayak, one of the world’s most visited and utilized online travel booking ventures, has created perhaps the best “place holder” Google + page out there. Simple, elegant, and looking ready to do business, Kayak is a nice layout compared with Expedia’s Spammy entrants to capture url spots. Despite Google and Kayak’s differences, it’s good business to take no chances.

Kayak Google + page

Not the cat’s meow, but not chopped liver either, Kayak engages on G+

Forbes talked about the release of Google + Pages, suggesting the obvious connection between search and social networking herein. Interestingly, that publication has engaged as well, but perhaps not as beautifully as some others. And too, just about everyone from Technorati to TechCrunch has a take on when, where, and what you should do for your business on Google. My first best suggestion is to get your pages up, period, and leave creativity to progress. Google will index your page again, and again, I Promise.

I leave you with Google’s video on the release of Google + Pages for businesses.


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    Nice round-up, Phil. You mentioned Motorola might run a contest to get more people connected to their page; didn’t TechCrunch report that Google+ has banned contests or promotions from being run on pages?

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