How to Determine If Your Business Should Use Drones

2018-05-15 by Jacques Piccard

How to Determine If Your Business Should Use Drones

Drones are becoming more popular among individuals and businesses. This technology is mentioned more often in the news and featured by some of the most successful companies. Your company could benefit greatly from this investment. Find out the reasons why you should consider including drones in your business.

Delivery Services:

Consider using drones if your company ships products and uses delivery services. There are more risks to using drones than trucks for deliveries. The distance that the drone travels is limited, and the items could be accidentally dropped from the air.

To resolve these problems, you can limit the distance range of your airborne deliveries to five miles or less. Limit the height that the drone flies into the air, too. Perform tests to see if the machines are equipped for basic deliveries.

Warehouse Services:

Drones can be used in a warehouse that stores inventory. Machines that fly many feet up into the air are beneficial in stocking high shelves that humans find difficult to climb. Your workers will avoid the use of ladders and reduce the risks of falling. More people will feel safer and more confident at work, knowing that the machinery handles the most difficult tasks. Overall, drone technology is one way to reduce manual labor and promote warehouse safety.


Saving money is easier with the use of drones. In the warehouse or delivery department, some companies replace their workers with machines. They have fewer paychecks to hand out at the end of the month. With fewer workers, they don’t have to work with the accounting or human resources department. A company could save thousands of dollars a month and make other investments within the company.


A company that is on the cutting edge of technology should consider using drones. This proves to their investors and clients that the company is unique and continuing to evolve every year. There are manufacturers that use robots to make their cars, and restaurants that use automated machines to take customer orders. There are dozens of companies that now include drones in their services.

Taking aerial pictures, making deliveries and dropping shipments are just a few ways that companies use drones. Investing in this technology is worthwhile if your company needs to remain efficient and save more money. It’s a way to be innovative and stand out among competitors that are copying off of everyone else. So, consider adding drone technology to your list of business considerations.

Jacques Piccard is the Co-Founder and managing Director of Davenport Laroche.