Donald Trump Commentary on MWW PR Group & Anthony Weiner

2015-08-17 by Jason Tannahill

MWW PRThe MWW PR Group hiring of Anthony Weiner continues to attract attention – in this case, from none other than billionaire Donald Trump, who of course is now also a Republican candidate for President.

Trump’s latest missives concern Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server, her top aide, Huma Abedin, who of course is married to Anthony Weiner of MWW PR.

As cited on the Hugh Hewitt show, Trump said Huma Abedin knew about Hillary’s private server, and said “And you know who her husband is? One of the sleaziest guys in the world, Anthony Weiner. Now, you don’t think she told him about all of these e-mails that she had Huma was the one who had a process. She had everything and of all people she is married to Anthony Weiner and he now works for a PR firm. So think of this — he’s a PR guy working for a PR firm, he’s a total sleaze and she is giving all this information and this is top secret stuff but she is the one that processed it.”

Trump doesn’t mention that Michael Kempner, CEO of MWW PR is a major Hillary Clinton donor, and a long-time Democratic operative.

Trump continues, “Well, I certainly think there is a lot of things going wrong with Huma and that from my standpoint because I knew Weiner and Weiner is not a good guy and for his wife — and you know — a husband and wife they talk, it’s called natural. They talk and for his wife to have access to these emails and give them to Anthony Weiner and what he did — forget about the internet what he did, he now works for a public relations firm.”

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