Edelman’s 2nd Social Experiment “Words of a Generation”


Edelman has just released their second installment of Words of a Generation, the research project which documents via rich media the lives of 10 Singaporeans born back in the 1970s. Covered across a core of seven topics from work and love to exploration and dreams, this year’s version will expand to Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and India as well. 

Courtesy Amanda Mooney and Edelman PR Flickr

Courtesy Amanda Mooney and Edelman PR Flickr

Filmed back in May of this year, the seven-video series is revealed on Edelman’s official microsite http://wordsofageneration.co/. But the fascinating series is aptly highlighted by the words of Cornelia Kunze, vice chairman, Edelman Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa:

“The world and marketers have been fascinated with millennials in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and India, but what is less talked about is the generation born around the 1970s – their parents, uncles and aunts who built the modern societies we find today. Right now, these are the ones with the buying power too, and for marketers they are incredibly difficult to understand. We decided to commit this to video because we believe the substance of what they say is best seen and heard rather than produced in just another research report of quotes and stats.”


Words of a Generation Singapore – courtesy Edelman PR and Amanda Mooney by permission

Julia Wei, who is client director and consumer brand lead at Edelman Singapore went on to suggest; “Words of a Generation: Singapore is an intimate window into the thoughts, struggles and hopes of a group that has often been described as the ‘in-between’ generation in Singapore.” And where “in between” generations are concerned, most nations can identify with whole segments of society impacted by life and systems on our planet. This particular Edelman effort bears special consideration where communications agencies strive to understand and even alleviate social hurdles in the world.

While “Words” is not specifically designed to be a study, the collection of personal stories and perspectives lends itself well to being a window into Singapore society and perhaps a conduit for change there. And the beautiful photography of Amanda Mooney, Words of a Generation Creator, Producer, Researcher, bring to life the personalities of the persons who lend their life experiences; working, consuming, loving, connecting, playing, exploring and dreaming.

The heart of a Singapore generation, captured in stills - courtesy Amanda Mooney and Edelman PR

The heart of a Singapore generation, captured in stills – courtesy Amanda Mooney and Edelman PR

Not doubt the coming Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia variants will be equally as interesting and eye opening. Visit this page to find out more about the people behind this Edelman innovation including; David Brain – Executive Producer, Cornelia Kunze – Executive Producer, Amanda Mooney – Creator and Producer/Researcher/Photographer, and Jayga Rayn – Director, among the many.