Twitter Rumored to Hire Edelman PR for Specific Projects

twitterTwitter is rumored to have hired Edelman to handle some specific upcoming consumer launches, The Holmes Report revealed. Their first PR agency in five years, and they go for the kill – if you know what I mean. If you don’t, and it is still a secret to you, Edelman is the world’s most powerful PR company, ahead of Weber Shandwick and Fleishman-Hillard – all based on income, of course. They are the Goldman Sachs of PR, the BP of marketing, the Walmart of digital engagement.

It’s like Twitter has forgotten everything it stands for. The peeps at Edelman, who are the least wired PRs on Twitter, hardly understand the purpose of the social network, as their official accounts show. Never mind the digital account, that’s mainly broadcasting as well (nothing wrong with broadcasting, just read on).

AdAge seems to believe that Edelman will try to help consumers understand Twitter’s value and how it works, as opposed to creating awareness – that’s hard to believe, considering that they don’t understand Twitter’s ropes themselves. So I don’t expect a campaign that promotes Twitter for what it is.

Twitter books such as Twitter Power 2.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time; The Tao of Twitter: Changing your life and business 140 characters at a time; 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter and so on, are already doing that. For the readers who are not familiar with my sarcastic style, Twitter is not (only) about broadcasting and marketing your own brand. It’s mainly about what you want it to be, despite many users’ efforts to make it a platform for meaningful dialogue. More on this, another time.

So what’s the purpose of having a PR agency for Twitter? Well, Twitter is coming with some big changes this Fall, and instead of counting on its own users for PR, they need an agency to deliver the message (that otherwise would deliver itself.) According to the aforementioned Holmes Report, the first thing Edelman will be taking care of is Twitter’s integration into Apple’s upcoming iOS5 operating system. The news has already been told – you’ll find it on every news outlet that matters, from Techcrunch to niche specific prime time media. Edelman will be having an easy job to “sell” what sells itself.

So far the news of Twitter hiring Edelman for any purpose has not been confirmed. We do know, however, from Sean Garrett, that Twitter hasn’t hired a PR “agency of record.”

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