First a Peephole Video, Now Death Threats, Things Get Tough for Erin Andrews

erin andrews threats

It all started in July, when the beautiful ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was victimized by a peeping tom (Michael David Barrett) who filmed her nude through the keyhole and published the video to YouTube. Naturally, the video was seen by millions, in a very short time, and Andrews felt… wounded. The news was extensively covered by the media, and since Andrews wouldn’t leave the matter rest, it even got featured by Oprah, in a show where the ESPN reporter wiped in front of the audience, and described her experience as a “nightmare.”

Shortly after this feature, the ESPN reporter began to receive indirect threats, sent via email to “The Dan Patrick Show” (a sports talk show which airs on both radio and TV) – reports. At the beginning (first reported email dates Sept. 16, 2009), the emails in cause had sexual nature, but lately (particularly the emails dated March 26, 29 and 30) they became aggressive, violent, pure death treats. Many of the emails discuss the case of Michael David Barrett.

“Somebody should shoot her in the face” – one of the emails threatens. Interestingly, the death threats started to flow after Michael David Barrett, the man who broadcast the peephole video of Andrews, was sentenced (March 15) to 30 months in prison for stalking her. However, there is no proof that the man who wrote the emails and Battett are connected. The FBI is currently investigating the case, and the identity of the man who wrote the emails is known to law enforcement authorities, and so is his location.

“As soon as we learned of them the FBI was notified. They are on the case,” Attorney Marshall Grossman said in a statement. The attorney also confirmed that Andrews will keep all of her commitments including her appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

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