Frank Sinatra’s Family Sells His Legacy Short

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Frank Sinatra was, and is, one of America’s most beloved, interesting and admired celebrities. But, a little bit of news today reveals a bit about how small minded his family may have been by comparison. Evidently, Frank Jr., Nancy, and Tina have agreed to sell the rights to his image and other branded properties to a number of commercial properties. As one writer already questioned; “It is a wonder (the family) can’t live off the royalties still streaming from Sinatra’s records, movies, TV shows, books and DVDs.”

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There is certainly nothing wrong with Sinatra’s legacy going forward, or even capitalizing or monetizing it by his family, but this writer thinks “Old Blue Eyes” would have liked it better if his loved ones has been a little more selective at least. The Dorchester Hotel chain is of course a luxury 5 star affair, but would Frank want his picture all over the place? As for the restaurant at the Encore Wynn in Vegas, though Frank might have liked the joint, it seems unlikely he would have wanted his picture or name used there unless he owned a piece of the joint? As for the family’s branding of their new Napa Valley enterprises, well what else could anyone expect? Well, as still another writer saw all this Sinatra rejuvenation, “Blue Eyes” on a liquor bottle rather than a wine cask!

Can you make the association here?

Can you make the association here?

Face it folks, this story is really no surprise, Frank was really the core of class for this entire family. With him gone, and left to their own devices, Nancy and the others are pretty much floating around waiting for the next idea from someone else I guess. This is sort of sad to me you know? Sinatra peddled around to all comers like some third rate baseball hero. In my vision, his likeness would be associated more reverently at best, and at least commercialized on the very best labels in the world. On some wine no one ever heard of for over $90 a bottle, come on. Frank, I don’t think the kids are doing it “your way”, and I know you would not like “their way” either. For branding goofiness, the Sinatra family gets this week’s Everything PR Goofy Award.