Facebook Snaps Up Gary Briggs, Former Googler

Gary Briggs

News from Facebook reveals the social media giant has hired Gary Briggs their new chief of marketing. According to a report from Adage, the former Google mobility exec will now effort product marketing and strategies replacing Eric Antonow.

Griggs,  who was tapped to run marketing for Motorola Mobility for Google, previously worked with Pepsi, IBM, McKinsey and Company, and eBay. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1984 from Brown University and a Masters in Business Administration from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.

This news arrives just in time for Facebook to market their rollout of above-the-line marketing for its products and services. Facebook just recently began advertising their new Facebook Home product, and many more such interjections are implied of late.

And obviously, mobile is going to be a massive part of any future Facebook or social media synergy going forward.