Breaking News, Google Hacked By Pacman

Google celebrates Ada Lovelace.

If you ever thought the people at Google were anything less than brilliant, today’s Google Doodle should convince you otherwise. On the 30th anniversary of the release of the viral 80’s video game you can not only celebrate, but play Pacman on the world’s most dominant search engine. Apparently, Pacman is intent on eating Google! Will the result be Gman?

Most of you out there were not old enough to see the original Pacman, the one at the convenience store or video arcade. Yes, they had such things back when, places you had to go to to do digital stuff – you know before the Atari game system? Okay, you don’t know. Still, Pacman is maybe the most successful game ever created (is there a tie with pong?), given that Pacman did not have the “in home” benefits of XBox games.

Even after 30 years, this extraordinary time gobbler is enthralling as ever. As an example, my partner (in the midst of working for a multi-million dollar client) found the Doodle and I cannot get her off it.  Pacman versus modern video games, as far as popularity, is a little like comparing Elvis to MJ. Elvis not having had the massive multi-media visibility of Michael Jackson.

As for Google? This has to be their coolest and most “geeky” Doodle ever. Imagine my partner’s surprise when she asked; “I wonder if you can play it?” She is smart, I must admit. Then “poof,” I am writing the article about it.

Well, I guess we know Google can now do just about anything they want, whenever they want to. Hey, I wonder if they are going to get into video games now? Think “Google Box” and “Google Box Live.” For a few hours melting your retina and jeers from your partner, head on over to Google now.  You can even advance to the last level. If Google knows everything about you, maybe they can award the top score on their main page a prize! Well, that sounds like something out of The Last Starfighter.

PacGoogle is the new search giant.


  1. Christi says

    I remember the video arcade pacman, and I also remember playing it for hours on Atari. Through many modern technical advances I still never became obsessed with another game system like I was with Atari.

    I’ve also grown up with Elvis and Michael Jackson, but don’t agree with the comment you threw in about Michael Jackson having such an advantage over Elvis due to massive multimedia visibility. Actually, it had more to do with his advantage of pure singing, dancing, and song writing talent and talent in just about every aspect of creativity. Elvis had mega amounts of exposure and still does, and Michael was big before the massive media visibilty.

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