Hively: Customer Feedback Just Got Better


Hively – real time feedback made easy, both online and offline.

Newcomer Hively aims to bring customer feedback to a new level, to help companies improve customer satisfaction and react quicker to possible negative feedback, as well as to measure customer engagement more effectively. The service proposes to replace long-boring surveys with a one-click system based on expressive emoticons.

Hively proposes a 3 option rating method (Happy, Satisfied, Unhappy) as an alternative to five-star ratings or “like” and “dislike” type of ratings; simply because having a middle option “is good to balance things out.” The main advantage of using Hively is obvious: real-time customer feedback allows you to measure customer engagement faster than surveys and polls.

If you use Hively to see how happy customers are with your employees, you can review team performance in real time, and visualize team member rankings for the week, month or all time, to see which team members are performing the best.

Hively integrates with any email client, CRM or ticket tracking system you’re using and it is free for up to three users. Pro versions include advanced features, such as branded rating pages, email and phone support. The pro plans are affordable and make sense for companies with more than five team members.

Hively can be used by any company that needs to measure customer satisfaction, and can be particularly useful in PR and marketing, hospitality, sales, travel and leisure and more. As any modern product, Hively works on smart-phones too. Hively lets you create a QR code to help you gather feedback. You can print this QR Code out and place it on a sign, poster, desk placard, and so on. Any of you customers can scan the QR code from any mobile device and provide 1 click feedback by simply clicking either a Happy, Satisfied or Unhappy emoticon.

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