KCSA Takes on PR for SpectrumDNA

KCSA Strategic Communications announced that they have been chosen as the agency of record by SpectrumDNA today. The PR firm will be working closely with SpectrumDNA to create a strong public relations campaign designed not only to promote their newest applications, but also to find them investors to aid in development and growth of the company.

SpectrumDNA is a company dedicated to providing digital network applications and Enginets, also known as engines of engagement. The social media studio is currently working on some new applications that they will be launching in the next few months. With the help of KCSA, they will build a well-designed media relations campaign directed at potential investors, as well as clients in the future when the products are released.

According to Jim Bannister, founder and CEO of the business, “The DNA in SpectrumDNA literally means ‘digital networked applications’; but it also refers to the invisible underlying ‘genetic code’ of social media we’ve discovered, and the methodology we’ve created for more predictably designing and building social media applications. Our mission is to create the online and mobile engines that capture user behavior and leverage that behavior to create compelling user-led online and mobile web experiences. We call it ‘story-dwelling’ instead of ‘story-telling.'”

KCSA Strategic Communications is a public relations firm with 40 years of experience in integrated communications. The firm works with clients to help the companies provide a uniform brand across all platforms including social media, media relations and other creative and marketing channels.

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