KCSA Communications Chosen to Run PR

KCSA Strategies

Weplay.com, a youth oriented online community, has chosen KCSA Strategic Communications to run their PR campaign. The PR company has 40 years of experience working in public relations and is looking forward to working with Weplay.com.

KCSA StrategyThe concept behind the youth site is simple. It´s a safe haven online for kids who are into sports, as well as their parents and coaches. The site is protected so that children as young as 6 are able to safely hang out online and discuss sports with their online friends. This isn´t just another kiddie networking site, however. There are some serious pro atheletes involved, including Peyton Manning, Jennie Finch, Summer Sanders, Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard and Lebron James. The atheletes are active participants, each with their own page and blog, where they upload tips and videos to help kids learn new skills and improve the ones they already have.

The concept for Weplay.com is a unique one that has a lot of potential and with the help of KCSA Strategic Communications, the word will be out. The PR company plans to do a full campaign implementing social media and bookmarking strategies, both locally and nationally.

“Weplay.com is essentially the online center of the youth sports universe. On the site, coaches, players and fans are able to connect with their teammates by uploading videos, photos, practices and game schedules and engage in live chats with teammates and coaches,” said Stephen “Steve” Hansen, Weplay.com chief executive officer. “It’s the community aspect that really makes Weplay.com a destination for families, kids and coaches. We aim to connect people in the youth sports world and to simplify, organize and preserve youth sports activities. We have everything from the largest interactive map showing leagues, teams and players, to parent/coach communities that help provide the important answers to the tough questions about youth athletics.”

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