Major PR Campaign for Vancouver Riot “Kissing Couple”

Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas - Kissing Couple During Vancouver Riots

When Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas kissed in the middle of riots that took place in Vancouver during the Stanley Cup final, they did it to heal their fear and pain. Scott Jones, who is an actor an stand up comedian, probably didn’t have any PR campaign intention when he comforted his girlfriend after they both had been hit by Vancouver police. But now, things have changed. The couple hired Australian-based public relations Markson Sparks to handle media relations, interviews, and possible job opportunities for Jones.

A picture of the two kissing on the ground, in a very romantic pose, with fires and people running in the background, and a riot policeman in foreground, was released by with a tweet, June 16:

We’re looking for the kissing couple in this #Vancouver #riot #photo. Know them? #canucksriot

Naturally, the image was seen by millions on Twitter and all over the web, and the two were soon identified. What followed was increased media attention, the two telling their story on national television, comments and press editorials all over the world, and YouTube tidbits carrying out a story that shows how, and why so often innocents get hurt amidst chaos. The video below shows an abridged version of their story.

Now the opportunity knocks for Scott Jones who might get more out of his acting and standup comedy career. Markson Sparks told the press that there are some commercial opportunities for the two as well, spots that would feature the world’s most romantic couple. According to Markson, there might be an opportunity for the two as the public image of Michael Hill Jeweller in Australia. Markson told the Star that an appearance by the couple could generate them $10,000, while a full endorsed contract could be worth 100,000.


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    could use this as a way of breaking through for a standup comedy career. It could set him up for life, if he’s as good as Robin Williams or Bill Cosby.

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