Lindsay Lohan – Victim of Own Stupidity or Poor PR?

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s latest PR stunt is indeed making waves, but probably not the ones the actress would like to see. The media reports call Lindsay everything from “desperate” to “stupid” – and I am sad to say that the epithets match perfectly the career turn of what was once America’s most loved “girl next door.”

My partner always says that many contemporary stars owe their success to the brilliant directors that guide them. Somehow, the public fails to remember who directed “Mean Girls” or “Freaky Friday” but they remember Lohan and how bright her star shone. Her decline? Her own making. No poor PR involved: Lohan was not even smart enough to hire a PR to clean up her mess.

Now the actress tries to woe what’s left of her fans again, but instead she triggers negative reactions. Lohan begged director Brett Ratner to remake “Some Like it Hot” and have her star as Marilyn, but he rejected the idea.

“Contrary to her rather wayward life, Marilyn projected an freshness, innocence and vulnerability that Lohan has never had, not even as a kid.” – comments DameEdna full of indignation on a San Francisco Chronicle article reporting that Lohan Wants To Play Monroe In Some Like It Hot Remake

Against all odds, Lohan isn’t giving up and plans to produce the movie herself. This is not the first instance of Lindsay attempting to convince the public to see her as the second Marilyn Monroe. She posed for two Monroe-themed photoshoots, in Spanish Vogue and New York magazine already. Sources say that the actress “sees herself as the second coming of Marilyn Monroe — misunderstood, talented and in desperate need of an incredible film vehicle that will truly showcase her talents.”

The truth is that she is far from being accepted as she would like to be; her unprofessional behavior being part of the problem. Arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of cocaine twice, sued for allegedly stealing the formula for her Sevin Nyne self-tanner line and involved in many tasteless scandals involving her girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson, the actress is not able to at least display a professional behavior on the set.

“Lohan was originally supposed to appear on multiple episodes of ‘Ugly Betty,’ but the role was cut down supposedly because of a feud with star America Ferrera” according to The Frisky reports.

Lohan has recently been approached to star alongside Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez for a part in Robert Rodriguez’s new movie “Machete.” – which is probably a better idea than a remake of “Some Like it Hot.”

How do you feel about Lohan’s latest idea? Can she ever rise up to Marilyn Monroe’s talent and value? If she ever succeeds to remake “Some Like it Hot,” do you think the new movie will be a success or a waste of time and money?

Among the (many) publicists who have worked with Lohan are Leslie Sloane-Zelnik, Steve Honig and Mike Heller of Talent Resources.


  1. anonymous says

    Talking about talent, which should be actually the ONLY consideration for ANY actress:

    America Ferrera won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG Award… and many other awards!

    Lindsey Lohan won two nominations for worst actress at the Golden Raspberry Awards in 2007. She came in first and second, tying with herself! Muhahahaha!

  2. B. Joe says

    Professor Anna Birch, try to find Someone in the know on a gay rights forum. In the meanwhile, know that the story about Lohan wanting to remake SLIH is not “fabricated” and go from there.

    and research some more. This is before coming back here after you “stopped your intervention” – we are so tired of hypocrites, you know?

  3. anna birch says

    Someone in the know, thanks for your compelling analysis. Where can I read more of you?

  4. Diana says

    Lindsay Lohan is an insult to the memory Marilyn Monroe. She can take thousands of photos imitating Marilyn and make her own movie but a in the end she will remain a cheap imitation. Lindsay is demanding, rude and disrespectful of other people, i.e.: Samantha Ronson. Lindsay is good at modeling and as an actress, mediocre at best. I’m glad she has been offered a couple of movie roles this year. Those roles (good or bad) will help feed her self-absorbed diva personality. Marilyn never treated people or fame like Lindsay. Marilyn was from the heart and Lindsay is all about ego.

  5. Someone in the know says

    There are two problems with the discussion. One imparts a certain wisdom to PR which stays away from their staggering and ultimately devastating failure in handling her homosexuality. The second takes Lohan’s failings at face value instead of pondering the truth behind the failings. Lets start with the second. The writer uses a fabricated story about Lohan which is that she intends to play Marilyn Monroe. This story caught some traction recently as Lohan dyed her hair a platinum blonde. However Lohan herself has tweeted she does not like the hair color and that it is for a movie. Speculation of her doing this for a role as Marilyn Monroe is false. The hair color change was under instructions from filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and is for a role in a film called Machete (an offshoot of Grindhouse).

    As with most stories concerning Lohan, there is no truth. Most of these nonsensical tales were disproven but there were few retractions. Among them were the following gems – Lohan on a sex tape (disproven the same day when it turns out the still offered as proof is from a porn video of another couple), Lohan and Ronson got into a fist fight after Lohan danced with Callum Best (witnesses dispelled this stating that Best, who was being sent by the offending newspaper to locations where Ronson dj’d in England, never came into proximity and that while Lohan and Ronson had an argument – no fistfight – it concerned familial issues), and Lohan stole jewels (Scotland Yard, the jeweller, and the magazine have all stated Lohan is not a suspect and it has since been found that this is the work of the infamous Pink Panther group). Most egregious was the constant prattling that Lohan had come on to various men. Under scrutiny none held up and several men themselves killed the rumors (including Russell Brand and who flatly stated that The Sun had lied and Michael Phelps who expressed contempt at the lies asserted about Lohan saying it was tabloid nonsense). The collapse of these heterosexist endeavors occurred after a breakup between Ronson and Lohan in April when Lohan’s want to be with Ronson did actually bring up embarrassing episodes (but episodes again reported with grand distortion).

    This article, worst of all, offers up the Ugly Betty situation. Again some slight investigation shows that the infamous article reporting Lohan’s bad behavior on set actually has several scenes from Lohan’s last episode. In other words, the show’s PR almost certainly offered up this take to get the episode more notice. What is not mentioned is that America Ferrara, well known for diva problems, is rumored to have treated Lohan so badly that Lohan wished to leave. In retrospect one of the most telling things is that while several stars of the show supported Lohan (saying she was well behaved on the set), the same stars are believed to be among the ones who confronted producers about Ferrara’s competitive diva like behavior.

    So we have other people’s PR attacking Lohan. How about our own. Well they failed her badly. They failed her as she was forced into bearding. They failed her when they insisted on a straight sex kitten image. They failed her when Lohan, refusing to hide who she loved, replied in negative and obviously false terms when ever they were questioned about her romance with Ronson. The reaction the day after Lohan took her romance public is startling – a sarcastice tinged and negative refusal of support. The worst thing that ever happened to Lohan was PR, both hers and others.

    So what is Lohan. She is an actress with addiction problems stemming from a tormented childhood and closeted behavior. She is someone who is deeply in love but has that love played in a fishbowl (paps actually climb on to this woman’s roof and come into her girlfriend’s yard to get situations between her and her girlfriend). She is someone routinely betrayed by supposed friends and by the GLBT community as a whole.

    Meanwhile we continue to worship closet cases and fake romances. We go along with the nauseating lies that PR offers. And we never seem to ponder the devastation they leave behind. I’m sorry but a 23 year old sex symbol coming out in Hollywood while gutless gay actors and actresses play straight and other actors and actresses indulge in faux romances makes me wonder if Lohan is the absolute wrong target. Never mind the “makes me” part. Replace that with I know she is the wrong target for abuse and the very aspect you talk about being there to help her, PR, is a big part of the problem.

    • Mihaela Lica says

      Someone in her position cannot stop the rumors, and the media coverage I mentioned in the article, whether true of false, is not a result of bad PR as you say, but of lack of PR. With some PR you would read at least some supportive articles. No PR lets the media sharks in full control. This can only damage her reputation.

      Personally I couldn’t care less about her sexual orientation. She is an actress and when on screen she has to act. If the role is that of a straight person, she has to act. If the role is that of a gay person, she has to act. Ideally she should be judged for her artistic performance, but we do not live in an ideal world. Also, unfortunately, she didn’t convince of her talent in her most recent apparitions. Everything she does only fuels the rumors. Her obsession with Marilyn is a fact – no one can deny the two pictorials she already appeared in. We will see later if she really intends to remake SLIH, but in the meanwhile the best PR for her is to act more like a lady and less like an addict. Eventually add some good – like engaging in a charity or a campaign to support minority rights for example – in her messy lifestyle.

      Probably I should have mentioned in this article that I watched Freaky Friday about ten times, and that I really believed in Lindsay Lohan a few years ago? Probably I should have mentioned how sad this turn of events makes me? Well, now you know.

      When our stars disappoint us, the reactions are biased, it’s only normal.

      As for PR lies, someone in the know, you should know that that’s not real PR: faking the truth is not PR. Making false excuses and propagating rumors is not PR. These are the things that give the PR profession a bad name, because they happen and like in any job there are those who do it right, and those who abuse their position to do whatever suits them.

      In this article, I asked a question, stating facts from the media (false or true, facts are facts) and I expected opinions. You make very valid points, that are definitely worth considering in future analysis, and I would like to thank you for your contribution.

  6. Mihaela Lica says

    Anna, you don’t seriously expect me to engage in a “well balanced conversation” with someone who comes here to call me names, do you?

  7. anna birch says

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer my comment. You are right once more. But forgive me for saying, and I will stop my intervention here, Ms Lica did not make any effort into switching the discussion to well-balanced, argued, or thoughtful exchange, in her reply – as you did. She simply closed it down in the same manner she conceived her contribution.
    I would have wished a discussion perhaps about what smart PR is in such complex a space of publicity, where there are so many intertwining media and actors at play. Or maybe how publicity changed historically since the times of Marilyn Monroe, which makes Lohan’s publicity stunts hard to compare to Monroe’s.
    I am not going to analyze the structure, logic, and effect of Ms. Lica’s article, and the rhetorical and other means used to convey a certain “reality.” I am making only this point: by the way Ms. Lica approaches the whole question, she does not offer more than one alternative of looking at it. Nor does this piece advance our understanding of how PR works or what PR is – which perhaps was the whole point of the question, having this article published on this site and bearing the title it does.

    • Phil Butler says

      Point well taken Anna. Though we are not in full agreement, I know that human failibiltiy is in all of us, and I have done much worse in my time on the Web. You did suggest she was stupid. We cannot expect to throw a hand grenade into a room and have the survivors come out throwing kisses, now can we?

      As for possibilities, they are of course limitless. Mihaela did present the best two however. If Lohan had good PR; and listened to them, then much of the negative press could have been abated. Any way, I appreciate you making an effort, and your passion for expression. I am, for the most part, taking an inordinate amount of time to get everyone straight. Blesses be the peacemakers I guess. Welcome to our forum, and let’s proceed to be better at everything we do. Even throwing grenades :)


  8. anna birch says

    Thanks Ms Lica for your reaction. This only confirms my original assessment of your piece and thinking.

  9. Mihaela Lica says

    @anonymous – that’s the part of the problem. Judging from the talent she displayed in her early career, Lohan actually had everything an actress needs to make it big. Unfortunately, talent alone is not enough. In her case some self discipline and self respect would do wonders.

    @bee – I think many actresses want to come close to Marilyn’s grace and glory. But what they miss in the process is something I would call… style. Marilyn has never appeared in public wearing the wrong clothes, she was always flawless. Things like these matter. As far as her personal life is concerned, Marilyn never used it to get media attention. I think Lohan is too desperate for attention and she is using the wrong tools to get it.

    @Bambi – don’t give her any ideas. ;)

    @anna birch – glad to see a Lohan fan around. The style of your comment resembles a lot your protege’s.

  10. anna birch says

    Thanks for the response – I am sorry however that you removed the original derogatory term in my input, as it was exactly the same used by Lica, and the rest of the “aggressive” words are not more than her own. I totally understand your point, up to the place where you do not allow the same action from respondents that you endorse from the authors, and to where you claim that Lohan’s notoriety is exclusively her own making, as you suggest in your last sentence. This means that you take out of perspective and context the whole working of publicity and of public sphere understood in the larger notion of the word.
    As a note, I am not a fan of Lohan, neither do I want to make myself her advocate. I was simply making a point of how a public persona is made out of more complex issues than your fine author implies, especially if we talk about the educational/ learning dimension of the process mentioned by you above.

    • Phil Butler says

      I understand Anna. Believe me, my intent is not to inflame the conversation. For me, on my personal blog, I would have just called her an idiot. But, given that this publication is trying to be a more open forum (not always successful with regard to heated conjecture), we try to set a tone that is at least somewhat conducive of good public communique.

      Aside any nebulous profundity to the contrary, there is as better way to express what you are trying to. This is true for any number of interactions we run across, and believe me, we are not always picture perfect in our efforts either. In general though, in talking about these “opinions”, we do not use the “eye for an eye, and an eye for a torso” philosophy. I know that is way too metaphoric, but suffice it to say we never jump on people (in the comments at least) without provocation.

      We are all a little stupid when you get right down to it, but until someone exhibits a gravitous degree of this commodity, it would be at least kind to hold the epithets until same is thrown your way. A nice way of saying, “Where is your raising?” Sorry to be a little blunt, but why not just say; “Hey, is it unfair to misinterpret some of this as Lohan’s fault when………..?” At least that might be how I would have phrased a comment. Then, there are those times when all of us want to call someone else names that I will not use here. It is the nature of human nature and passion I suppose. I am wondering what is so impassioned by you here? What is the motivation? Intent? Is is an exertion of expertise? Fairness? Unwise use of time and resources?

      We have so many nice people commenting here, making such valid points, and often comments opposed to our original stance on things. The ones who are more readily accepted as “instructional” or valid, are not the ones who are sure we are wrong and they are right, but the ones who maintain a proper decorum. The others, from my rather vast experience, are setting themselves up as authority by playing the devil’s advocate, and to be honest, in a rather devilish way.

      No one on this Earth is all right and all wrong. We have much to learn from one another. Mihaela just asked a question and pointed out some issues in finding the answers. It was the reader’s primary job to point out the possible answers, either in the comments, one of their own posts, or at least in their own mind. You have turned the conversation between you and Mihaela into something else. If you do not want defense mechanisms to come into play, figure out better ways of getting your point across. This is my suggestion. Who am I to make such a suggestion? The guy who approved your comment when for all intents and purposes, I could have made you forever disappear. Just food for thought. BTW Mihaela agreed that the “stupid” aspect opened the door to another persuasion of comment. We just thought most people truly wanting an inquiry or discourse might have avoided the refrigerator of weight loss.

      I cannot feel too much empathy for celebrities who cultivate publicity and self agrandizment, and the decide it is too much for them. Lohan is the ultimate “say so” in as far as what she projects onto the stage.


  11. anna birch says

    OK, so why exactly has this article been written? The author may be versed in PR strategies, but she does not seem to factor in the whole field of interaction into which PR actions are taking place, and which includes the paparazzi, money-hungry tabloids, inept parents, new media etc. What exactly is the “source” used to inform us that indeed Lindsay Lohan had the idea of remaking “Some like it hot”? “Sources close to Lohan” cited by the SFGate to which Lica is linking, or the OK! magazine also cited by the latter?
    Well, perhaps Lica herself is a victim of her own ignorance (greater derogatory term replaced by senior editor) when trying to go beyond her narrow obtuse specialty? Or does she simply rely on the guts of the readers and Lindsay’s own and real bad reputation at this moment to conduct her “analysis”?

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Anna, This is an opinion piece filed under PR Goofs. I do not thing an author needs to present white papers on whether or not Lohan’s public relations tactics are the best in the world or not. I also think it is fairly common knowledge that Lohan intends to “milk” the Marilyn Monroe legacy for all it is worth. Opinion pieces do not require the same supportive evidence and links that more categorically “factual” news does. The tone of the title simply asks a question.

      Now onto more important issues. Your comments are welcome here, as are everyone’s, but regardless of our impartiality or good nature, allowing comments that are too aggressive and which use terms that insult authors, is just something editors in general do not do. I allowed this comment for one reason only, because Mihaela actually used the word stupid in the title -period. We do not expect everyone to share the same opinions we do. It is of course nice when many do, but we are not delusional. The point of these stories is to offer perspective, and hopefully to sometimes suggest a better course of action. They are learning tools as much as anything else.

      All that being said, if you have never been in publishing, it is understandable to misconstrue “abbreviated” journalistic style as “incomplete” reporting. Even if Mihaela wanted to present all the evidence, besides the points being expressed, it simply takes too much time for an opinion piece. Sorry to injure the tender sensibilities of Lohan advocates, but we did not make the bed she has chosen to lay in. From my persective, I do pieces like this all the time, and I can assure you that 90 percent of the allegations I make, I could easily prove beyond much doubt. But then, who would have to think very much if I provided the smoking gun?

      Thanks for your input, but please do not insult people who have not made a lifetime out superficial mediocrity, Mihaela has a pretty refined sense of who to criticize and who not to I know. The variables you cling to like notoriety for Lohan, are there of her own making.


  12. Bambi says

    The stars of the original Some Like It Hot are one of the main reasons it became such a classic. A remake seems redundant.
    I’m wondering why Lohan is so fixated on being the next Marilyn Monroe. She doesn’t resemble her physically and nothing about her mannerisms or personality reminds me of Monroe.
    Some have compared Lindsay Lohan to Ann-Margaret and that seems like a better match. Maybe she and Zac Efron can both star in a remake of Viva Las Vegas?

  13. bee says

    I am so tired of seeing this girl. She is addicted to attention. All she does is shop, smoke, go clubbing and fight publicly with that woman. I would not pay to see her in anything. People are harsh on her for a reason. She comes across as having a sh***y attitude and there is nothing likeable about her. I don’t know where she gets the nerve to compare herself to Marilyn Monroe.

  14. anonymous says

    At this point, regardless of any role she chose, I doubt most people would be able to see beyond her tabloid persona. Also, her acting ability just makes me cringe. She has absolutely no business trying to look, be or act like Marilyn Monroe. I think this girl is very delusional. Big waste of time, money and resources if SLIH ever happens with her attached. A few redeeming qualities might help her, but unfortunately, I don’t see any.

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