MWW PR Group: Anthony Weiner’s PR Firm, Represents Tidal

2015-08-08 by Richard D. Pace

MWW PR Group Tidal

Almost thought it was a joke when I heard that Anthony Weiner went to work for MWW, the PR firm that represents Tidal. So, here is what I picture Anthony Weiner doing when he’s at MWW and on Tidal.

Perhaps MWW Group forgot their survey in 2014, which noted that family values matter. MWW claimed that ,“… study also found that the American culture is engrossed in the self-proclaimed Digital Age, posting selfies and photos of meals to social media in an effort to get as many “likes” as possible. Ultimately, what Americans spend time on doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the things that matter most; rather, it reaffirms that traditional American values are alive and well among today’s consumers – something marketers looking to maximize engagement can play up to.”

MWW PR Group Selfies
MWW PR – who notes that – “A team that #selfies together stays together” – has Tidal, that is now offering up the hottest, sexiest visual soundscapes on the planet.

Here are what we picture to be Anthony Weiner’s favorite Tidal videos:

“How Deep Is Your Love” Calvin Harris & Disciples

From the opening moonscape (which just happens to be the luscious lines of model Gigi Hadad under a piece of diaphanous cloth) this sensual techno-thumper excites and titillates both aurally and visually. Calvin Harris is one of the top international deejays, and he doesn’t disappoint with this oh so danceable offering. So enjoy Gigi’s journey of self-discovery and the sexy accompaniment of Calvin Harris & Disciples..

“Dance Like We’re Making Love” Ciara

Ciara is absolutely gorgeous! Everything about this techno queen’s persona is designed to arouse the passion of any red-blooded male that turns on this Dave Meyers directed video. His intention is to capture Ciara’s allure as well as her vocal and dancing talent in the most erotically tempting way possible. Boy, did he ever succeed!

“Did It Again” CLMD, Nocando

Producers-DeeJays, CLMD partnered with rapper Nocando on this disco-rhythmic throwback that flips the roles of the male and female in “gangsta rap” videos. Instead of the rapper in the trendy sunglasses superimposed over a sexy too-much-rump-to-bump model as the sex object, this features a smoking hot blonde taking the rapper’s role. All while a very lucky male is the object of her sexual fantasy. This is so tongue-in-cheek sexy you almost forget the music, however, the groove and the rap lyric are absolute dancefloor smoke shows!

“I Can’t Lose” Mark Ronson Featuring Keyone Starr

Ronson’s hot right now, and this horn-infused, innuendo-laden R&B funk offering is nightclub fun-sexy. This bad boy rocks! Keyone Starr’s vocals and “I think you want this” performance make the song and the video that much hotter.

“Hurt You” Toni Braxton, Babyface

Nobody writes sexier ballads than Babyface, and Toni Braxton still reminds us that she is the diva that had NBA ballers ready to throw down! Ray Kay’s visual presentation of their hit duet from the Love & Marriage CD tells the song’s story with strong images of lovers trying to break through the wall of infidelity to forgiveness. Toni, we forgive you, girl!

“Made to Love” John Legend

A lover’s classic is our next video recommendation. John Legend is probably single-handedly responsible for at least half the latest generation of children. Take another listen to this sexy love anthem and wrap your heart around its sex-as-high-spiritual-art video interpretation. Legend might not be Salvador Dali, but you couldn’t prove it from this lush telegenic offering.

“Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” Mint Condition

Last but not least is Mint Condition, the 90s self-contained R&B balladeers. This bump-and-grind R&B ballad makes the “Ugly Duckling” story oh so sexy. By the time you get to the photographer’s assistant transforming you know what’s coming, but that girl is the definition of sexy no matter what she’s wearing…or not!

So there you have it, 8 of what we think Anthony Weiner is boogying to while on Tidal. MWW Group must be thrilled now they can have Tidal start a selfie crazy are some of the sexiest videos on Tidal. Watch and enjoy them. You’ll see the story of ‘dance, sex, romance’ can be presented in so many different ways. No one vision is the be-all end-all, but these are all fun. and the music behind each is hot too! Enjoy!

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