MWW Public Relations Group Named In Yet Another Lawsuit Seeking Unpaid Funds

2016-07-19 by Richard D. Pace


On October 28, 2014, MWW PR announced they had acquired “Ideation Inc., an innovation and development lab founded by Robert Dilio, who will join MWW as chief technology officer”.   And on July 18, 2016, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Tina Imm sued Dilio, Related Noise, Ideation and MWW PR for “violation of the New York State Labor Laws, breach of contract, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and alternatively, quantum meruit.”

Her suit seeks damages “in an amount not less than $127,883” – and is one of a number of recent lawsuits against the New Jersey based agency for unpaid bills.

The lawsuit notes, “From February 2014 through October 2014, Ms. Imm was employed in two roles by Defendants: 1) by Defendant Ideation as a consultant and 2) President of Defendant Related Noise.” It continues, “Defendant MWW acquired Defendant Ideation on or about October 28, 2014 and, upon information and belief, consented to pay all Ideation’s outstanding financial obligations, including, but not limited to, those owed to Plaintiff.”

The suit claims that Dilio hired Imm as “an Independent Consultant” and that the expectation was Ms. Imm would shortly thereafter become a full-time employee. The lawsuit claims that some months later, “Mr. Dilio told Plaintiff that he was going to go work full time for Defendant MWWPR, and “Mr. Dilio further explained that MWW would acquire Ideation, and he would become Chief Technology Officer.”


Lawsuit continues:

“Dilio also explained that MWW would invest in Related Noise and incorporate Related Noise’s social media services into MWW’s client offerings.”

“Dilio and Plaintiff discussed several options including her joining MWW, and continuing her work on Related Noise; another option was for Plaintiff to resign.”

“Plaintiff  chose  to  resign,  and  she  was  presented  with  a  Settlement Agreement on or about September 18, 2014. Following his decision to work for Defendant MWW, Dilio offered to pay Plaintiff a sum of money to compensate her for all the months of work for which she was not paid, which was her entire tenure working for Defendants as both an independent contractor and an employee.”

MWW Public Relations Group Named In Lawsuit Seeking Unpaid Funds.

Basically, the suit claim Dilio never paid Imm for any work she performed – and claims that “Upon information and belief, Defendant Dilio informed MWW of these financial obligations,” and lawsuit notes that “As a result of Defendants’ breach of contract, Plaintiff suffered damages in an amount not less than $127,883.”

Michael Kempner, MWW Group CEO would not provide a comment on this story via email.

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