Sexting On The Job At MWW PR & News From Shift Communications and Kekst

Former Congressman and MWW PR employee – still sexting

anthony weiner mww public relations

Anthony Weiner, whose name has become synonymous with sexting appears to continue his bad habits, despite the massive consequences he’s faced for it in the last couple of years. Since he’s a bit of a PR expert – from long before his personal scandal – he should look at the problem and recognize it for what it is – addiction and get into treatment. Even if he doesn’t see it as that, he would probably be well-advised to get into treatment to show he’s willing to turn things around.

Weiner, married to top Hillary aide, Huma Abedin, was hired by MWWPR last year. During the time he was there, The NY Post is claiming he was sexting. Weiner’s response, “Are you asking me if I met with people while I worked at a government-relations/P.R. company? Of course, I did. I even met with New York Post reporters I’m sure. My job was to buy people lunches and drinks, etc.”

Shift Communications becomes Rockport’s new AOR

Shift Communications Logo

Massachusetts footwear brand, Rockport, is considered to be the investor of the walking shoe and operating for 45 years. They are rebranding themselves and on the verge of starting a new PR campaign called “Made for Movers.”

Shift Communications takes on the task of the new campaign slotted for fall and will focus “…making and wearing our shoes. Our customers are constantly on-the-go, doing what they love. They want to look good and feel good without a second thought.” At least that’s how Sr. VP of Global Marketing at Rockport, Susan Dooley sees things.

Kekst representing Donald J. Pliner Company against Pliner and wife

Kekst and Company

The Donald J. Pliner Company, makers of luxury footwear and accessories for both men and women was sold in 2013 by  Donald and Lisa Pliner when they faced major financial problems. According to the company, the Pliners agreed to a number of things at the time of sale. The Pliners are launching a new footwear business and the company has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court (Delaware) to stop them moving forward, requesting relief by stopping the “shipment, display, or sale of infringing footwear and packaging made by the Pliners – at wholesale or in retail stores.”

Kekst has been hired by the company it what will be a battle also about brand and PR.

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