Pornhub Is Necessary Viewing For PR Professionals

2020-03-20 by Jim Crickell

It might come as a surprise to some people that Pornhub is one of the best companies in the world when it comes to their public relations, but it’s actually a fact. While everyone knows that sex sells, and we see provocative ads selling everything from food to events, the way this company does it really takes the spotlight. Although not everyone tends to talk about porn with their relatives at a family meal, or even while they’re out getting a few drinks with their friends, it’s a topic that has slowly entered its way into the mainstream conversation. This just goes to show that taking a non-traditional approach and ignoring the rules can really work, especially when it comes to Pornhub.

Statistics and PR

One of the ways Pornhub got the mainstream media attention – along with everyone else’s – was by showcasing their data. Plenty of people visit the website, so there’s a lot of information that the company can gather about people’s interests. One of them being the viewing habits of the members.

Pornhub continually publishes trends that contained the information of users’ viewing habits that were popular throughout the year. It was a brand new approach that everyone enjoyed. The company then decided to keep this approach and started publishing similar articles, talking about more data they gathered, whether it was taken throughout the year, from specific countries, or even the gender of the users’ accounts.

Porn with Charity

As a company, Pornhub has always been interested in contributing to the good of the planet. Furthermore, it tends to do this in rather interesting ways. For example, back in 2014, Pornhub decided to launch an effort to make the U.S. a greater country by starting a campaign called “Pornhub Gives America Wood” where they planted a tree for every 100 videos that people watched in a particular category.

The company also organized a breast cancer awareness campaign, where it donated a cent for every 30 videos that people watched in various categories, as well as providing free breast cancer exams to women around the U.S. with their mobile breast cancer screening service.

Social Media

One of Pornhub’s staff members started to run the company’s corporate Twitter account. Previously, it was managed by a woman named Katie, now run by Aria, the account continuously shares NSFW jokes, funny adult-themed memes, and generally keeps up the conversation with other Twitter users.

From talking about current events and trends to interacting with the audience, Pornhub has developed a great reach on its social media profiles and has continued to stay relevant. However, the work is far from effortless. Aria has to keep up with a lot of trends that are happening online, insert herself into the conversation and avoid breaking any of the rules set by Twitter’s terms of service or Pornhub’s.

Pornhub has brilliant PR.  Their PR agency in the US is 5WPR.