Pornhub Rocks Marketing

2020-01-28 by Jim Crickell

In 2012, Pornhub decided to test a brand new strategy, where the company published an article that contained the data of users’ viewing habits throughout the year. The article contained all sorts of juicy information about what people enjoyed watching on the website.

The article was popular immediately and was soon picked up by numerous mainstream news outlets, which was all the confidence the company needed with their new strategy. Thus, it ended up launching a data-driven blog with aptly titled insights during the summer of 2013. They published articles relating to data about search terms, the length of time people were spending on the website, and they became more personal by showcasing data from specific locations.

The main goal of this new strategy by Pornhub was for the brand to entertain the existing users. However, seeing the responses that it received, it quickly turned into an excellent tool for marketing. From there, aside from the annual reports on watching habits from their users, they also started reporting on plenty of other topics connected to their data.

While other companies around the globe are trying their best to bring marketing campaigns to the next level, Pornhub managed to do that seemingly with ease – sometimes with the help of 5WPR, their PR firm. However, the strategies the company uses are actually what got them to where they wanted to be. Since porn still isn’t a freely-discussed topic, the company couldn’t simply use the traditional strategies to promote the brand.

In fact, the company couldn’t use newspapers, radio, TV or even social media as a way to advertise the services it offered, since it went against all rules and regulations. This is precisely why it developed its’ unique marketing strategy that went far beyond the field.

The company started a crowdfunding campaign, promising to create an adult video in space, aptly titled “Sexploration,” and managed to raise $236,086, out of the $3,400,400 the company needed to complete this seemingly ridiculous task. Although the video never ended up being filmed, the entire campaign served as a great way to get people to talk about the company and garnered plenty of reactions from notable media outlets.

Pornhub also has a goal of legitimizing the industry it focuses on, as well as making everyone feel more comfortable to talk about a taboo subject. The company also started developing advertisements that can be deemed “safe for work” with plenty of innuendoes, as a way to relate to the target audience.

This way, the company could finally get a breakthrough by creating subtle enough marketing campaigns which mainstream websites, media outlets, social media, and even the outside world would deem acceptable. Pornhub’s marketing campaigns are the perfect example of thinking outside of the box instead of simply focusing on the details and getting lost in the bigger picture.

 Kudos to their PR agency 5WPR.