How Positive Thinking Will Change the Way You Work

2018-10-12 by Jacques Piccard

How Positive Thinking Will Change the Way You Work

What you focus on becomes your reality, at least that’s what peak performance coach and author, Brian Tracy says.

Happy people think about the things they want and how to get those things. That’s their focus daily. And they also look for the silver lining in the not-so-positive. Over time, these people do more and achieve more, because that’s what they focus on.

If this sort of promise sounds good to you, maybe you might want to employ some positive thinking. If you did, how might this change the way your work life plays out? If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re looking for a way to change your job outlook for the better. The following four tips will tell you how to accomplish more, and in the process, inspire others who feel moved by your positive outlook on life.

Write Down Your Goals

Thinking positively allows you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Not sure that’s true? Think of it this way. If you didn’t think you could accomplish what you set out to do, you’d never get started on any goal, right? When you think positively, you know what you want, you think about it daily, and then you take the steps to accomplish your goals.

And studies show that writing your goals down has a significant impact on whether or not you accomplish your goals. It’s true. This was proven by a study done of Harvard graduates?

According to, Elite Daily, the study found that only 3% of those who graduated from the prestigious university ever accomplished their goals. Do you know what the only difference between them and the rest of their peers was? You guessed it. They wrote down their goals. Writing your goals down helps you make them come to pass.


Now that you understand why you should write your goals down, you might want to consider the way you write down your goals. This could have a significant impact on whether you accomplish them. (And that, in turn, could have a great impact on whether or not you stay positive.) If staying positive means you’ll accomplish your goals, then you need to do what you can to stay positive.

Here’s a trick to keep you going when your long-term goals seem to be stagnating. Keep a strategy journal. The concept is simple. You get an ordinary journal. At the top of each page, you write down your goal.

Below your goal, write down at least 10 things you could do to accomplish that goal that you’re not doing right now. Say, for example, that you want to get out of debt faster. One of the things on your list could be to find ways to cut expenses. Another thing could be to get a second job.

Then, once you have your 10 things written down, then write down which of these ideas is:

  1. Most likely to work, and
  2. the easiest to accomplish

Whatever idea intersects at those two points is the idea you implement.

Reprogram Your Brain

According to, most of the time, our attitude and our behavior patterns were set for us by our parents and other caregivers when we were quite small. And oftentimes, these beliefs and attitudes are limiting, which limits us and how much we can accomplish.

So, how do we change this? An article on suggests that we change our perception by changing the amount of negative content that goes into our heads.

Reading motivational books and listening to self-help tapes can change our thinking over time, which in turn, changes the way our brain focuses on things. A change of focus equals a changed life.

Share Your Reading With Others

According to Forbes, workplace reading programs do much to influence how innovative the employees working in that environment become. If you want to encourage the people around you to think more positively (and thus change their brains), why not start an office reading program?

You can share all of the books and articles that you’re reading with your work friends, your higher ups, and even the vendors that service your workplace. Start a Facebook page for your office and post links to relevant articles and other reading materials and invite your workmates to read and share those articles, too.

Final Thoughts on Positive Thinking

As you have probably guessed, positive thinking really should be a way of life. Everything you think about influences what you accomplish in life and at work. It stands to reason, then, that it’s good to change your thinking by reading positive things.

Positive thinking additionally affects how much you are able to accomplish in terms of your goals. Written goals allow you to accomplish more, which in turn, inspires you to keep on thinking positively and to continue going after your goals.

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