PR Book of the Week: Janet Thaeler’s “I Need a Killer Press Release, Now What”

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Subtitled “A guide to online PR”, Janet Meiners Thaeler’s I Need a Killer Press Release–Now What??? is a book about just that: press releases and their potential online outreach. The idea behind the book is that a carefully crafted press release, optimized for the search engines, is a valuable marketing tool, potentially bringing more online exposure than other (more costly) strategies.

The twelve chapters of the book cover everything the DIY newbie needs to know about press release writing, optimization and distribution (with emphasis on PRWeb). Details about promoting the news release are also included, as well as tips on how to assemble media and PR contacts in your industry, and how to use blogs, bookmarking sites (like Delicious), microblogging (Twitter) and social networking (Facebook) to leverage reach and coverage.

This is not a book for PR seniors; it’s designed as a tutorial for beginners and it could be used by small business owners and marketing students to get a general idea about the subject and to better understand the basic principles of press release optimization (including how to write attention grabbing titles, how to identify the best keywords to maximize search engine rankings, and so on). The tone is straightforward, to-the-point, very easy to read and understand – a cookbook approach to press release writing.


  1. Mihaela Lica says

    Hi Janet – thanks for stopping by, gal. No, we are not writing a book, just a whitepaper. It’s done, we are just doing the last edits and the formatting. :) I’ll send it your way and I will include your book in the resources list as well.

    I know what you mean about many PRs who still need to learn a lot about the online press release. :) Even some seniors are beginners online. :)Your book is great for all people who want to learn the difference between traditional and online press releases. I know that many live under the belief that they are the same thing, and they are wrong, as you well pointed out in your book.

  2. Janet Thaeler says

    Thank you for your review. In years of working at various companies none of the PR folks I worked with got the basics of online press releases. Your audience is more savvy than most (and so are you).
    Did I see something on Twitter that you are writing a book? If so, I’d love to review it.

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