Beyond Tasteless PR: The “Sexy Pics Leak” Approach

Nude leak

It appears that every actress whose career failed to impress recently, and every sportswoman who wants to get some media buzz in the absence of real recent accomplishments, gets caught in a trend that, without any doubt, makes the headlines. The question is: how much value can be derived from a title that says “Demi Moore’s Butt, Twittered.“

For the publication, the title is certainly worth gold. The readers flock to see the actress in an unusual posture – nothing special considering that Demi Moore appeared naked in a bunch of movies already – Striptease being the most popular. But Moore is not the only one…

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene, best known for her role in Twilight, is one of the hottest Google trends today – the term “Ashley Greene dirty pics” appears in every title around the Web. This is obviously an SEO technique that grabs an important number of visits to those sites, but what’s in it for Ashley Greene, whose lawyers threat with “legal action,” thus confirming that the pictures in cause are real, and fueling even more the scandal? The answer is simple: branding. Twilight II: New Moon is scheduled for release on November 20, 2009. The conclusion is simple: Ashley, whose popularity is shaded by the raise of some new stars, needed the buzz.

What about former Gladiators star and Maxim magazine favorite Gina Carano, who is also a hot Google trend today as “Gina Carano playboy pics?” I have no idea whether the fighter has ever posed in the nude, for Playboy or any other magazine for that matter – what I do know is that she dropped from Maxim’s top 100 and that she will soon face Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos in the first Strikeforce title match-up.

So who starts these rumors? My guess is that these are rumors that start from the VIPs’ own control centers. My guess is that they know, ahead of time, of these headlines and although there is no way I can prove a “guess” I appeal to reason: who else has an interest to start such rumors if not the “victims” themselves? You see, all these celebrities have already appeared nude in some occasions – the new “pictures leak” cannot show what we haven’t already seen. But it’s human nature to fall for cheap PR tricks – the public is given a “carrot” that will appeal to the most basic human instinct (sexual). The purpose is branding – by nature humans are visual beings and what is more impactful than the image of a naked, beautiful woman? There’s nothing “hard core” in these images, no big deal in starting a rumor that helps both the Gina Carano and the Playboy brands… no one gets hurt. But the point is: there must be a better way to promote a female celebrity, other than using her naked body as bait!


  1. peter says

    just an absolute dream girl. there is nothing left to improve and all the guys here at UNION TIRE, in CHATEAUGUAY, QUEBEC, CANADA are just crazy about her. we sure wish her the best of luck and everyone will be cheering for her

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