Banned German Sprite Ad Is A Hoax, YouTube Tries To Remove It

banned sprite commercial - youtube controversial video

Sprite commercial banned in Germany is a Hoax.

We awoke this morning to a trend dealing with a supposed Coca-Cola advertisement for Sprite that was basically pornography throughout the duration of this ‘funny’ video. According to early reports the ad featured on YouTube was something Coca-Cola had made for the German market. The video features a couple engaging in oral sex, with the punch line showing a Sprite bottle spewing liquid onto the face of the female actress. Distasteful to the extreme, but obviously professionally produced,  the ad gained obvious popularity on the Web.  The director of the video and now banned commercial has come forward to reveal the piece was made as a spec commercial, and not really advocated by Coke.

Just yesterday we were on the trail of YouTube with regard to Erin Andrews’ “peeping Tom” video, and in a comparative with the video of the Iranian student Neda  Soltan dieing in front of the (YouTube effectively) camera. Now comes another totally inappropriate video where a form of pornography is being shown to the general Internet community. According to several publications, including Perez Hilton’s (which we will not link to), the creator of the “Sprite” video was a celebrated video director Max Isaacson. According to Issacson’s Internet biography, he has been involved with video for MTV and other notable broadcasts. The long and short of the story is that Isaacson readily admits the Sprite video was a hoax, and says it was basically shot at his house.

YouTube has supposedly removed all instances of the fake advertisement from their site, but there are as of this writing any number of other videos with “disguised” segments from the original. Issacson also admitted that this ad was a test to see how the video would be received. He made no mention of who, if anyone, had commissioned him to “test” such a sexually suggestive piece, but as we discussed this earlier, there sure seems to be a lot of controversial video going up on YouTube these days. In any event, the stories coming out now at least reveal that Coke had nothing to do with the hoax. One story even identifies the male actor in the piece as one John Jones IV. The video itself was supposedly made by Greencard Pictures in Brooklyn, rather than in Germany, as previously announced. However, we found out that the Greencard Pictures website has posted a disclaimer on their landing page basically disavowing any collaboration with Issacson in the making of the film, it reads as follows;

July 21, 2009

Over the course of the last 24 hours, Greencard Pictures have been associated with a “fake advertisement” for Sprite directed by one of our friends and collaborators Max Isaacson. The commercial is a joke written, directed and produced by Max Isaacson. Greencard Pictures is not associated, nor do we endorse these fake advertisements.

Though the company says it had nothing to do with basically throwing mud on the name of Coca Cola, and that Issacson acted alone, the very first image ones sees on entering their site is the Perez Hilton full version of the Sprite commercial. All this writer can say is that is it nice to know we are surrounded by such class acts and Hilton, Isaacson, and apparently Greencard Pictures (joke).

Greencard Pictures Takes What It Can Get - What A Class Act

Greencard Pictures Takes What It Can Get – What A Class Act

The “actor” also revealed what a “hoot” it was for everyone who made the video, and how he would basically do anything to pay his bills (no doubt). From these stories, it appears this spec commercial was just designed to get some buzz. On that account, Isaacson and his team were successful. As for YouTube, I don’t see these types of incidents slowing down in the future, and perhaps this is not bad business for them in the end. However, it does seem like the boundaries of what people will tolerate are being tested heavily, and this is not a good thing for any of us.

I am not sure anyone wants to see a world where anything goes, regardless of their predisposition to ultra liberal thinking.

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