O’dwyers PR List: How Efficient Is It?

2010-11-21 by Archie Obrien
odwyers public relations

Last week Everything PR News scrutinized 3 more PR firms at the top of O'Dwyer's list to establish their relative digital engagement. Sadly, it seems some of the top PR companies still only pay lip service to the online conversation. Broadcasting and listening only for the sound of the cash register is not what any Internet savvy practitioner would consider social media engagement . This week we look at numbers 13, 12, and 11 on this prestigious list of communicators. To set the record straight, I set out in counting these PR firms down digitally with the expectation of finding,... Read More >

Heartland Marketing & Communications Helps Sarpy County Promote a New Minor League Baseball Stadium

2010-08-04 by Archie Obrien
Sarpy County Ballpark this July.

Heartland Marketing & Communications was selected by the Sarpy County Board to help promoting a new minor league baseball stadium and other county-sponsored events. The Bellevue PR and marketing firm, will provide the following services: public relations as needed, including but not limited to press releases; media/community relations and business-to-business development; media negotiation and placement; media screening; creative services; creative campaign development; promotion development and graphic design and scripting. On a non-exclusive basis, Heartland Marketing & Communications will place all media: radio, TV, outdoor, and print and will also broker creative projects as reseller, including but not limited to, jingles,... Read More >

Sex Sells… Even Burgers – Burger King UK Released “the world’s first guilt-free shower-cam”

2009-12-10 by Richard D. Pace

Burger King UK must be in desperate need of PR, any PR that is. Burgers don't sell in the morning, apparently, and the company decided to lure male consumers with a "shower babe" who "shakes her bits to the hits at 9.30am every morning." The campaign, called "glorious mornings" runs on www.singingintheshower.co.uk, where "the world's first guilt-free shower-cam" shows a young woman, summary dressed (wearing a Burger King designer bikini), singing in the shower. The site is aimed at visitors over 18 years of age, exclusively male, who are also invited to enter a daily competition to win a date... Read More >

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