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The Ultimate Creative Advantage

Big Data has been called many things: interesting, compelling, workable, complex, nuanced, overwhelming, helpful … many things. But, no matter what it’s called, the most important description of Big Data comes from how it is being used. Businesses who have implemented Big Data analysis correctly and simply, call it a great creative advantage.

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What a Shift in Storage Means for Big Data

More and more companies across various industries are beginning to move away from more traditional data warehousing options such as storage area networks. Companies are looking for more distributed, clustered, or scalable storage.

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Big Data

As more and more companies reap the benefits of Big Data, it will continue to become increasingly vital for businesses to look for the competitive advantages Big Data can offer them. And, while that’s a smart business strategy, one step in that process must be to consider how to prepare your business to deal with the challenges Big Data can present.