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The Best Should Be The Best – Scrutinizing Greatness

2009-01-25 by Richard D. Pace

The other day we spotlighted a communications firm, the Horn Group, identifying them as on the cutting edge of digital image. Today, I was searching for someone else to exemplify “new age” PR or communication, and have been dumbfounded. Searching odwyerpr’s list of the most successful PR companies, I am actually amazed how few even convey evidence of being in the information age. None of the top 5 grossing agencies has what one would call “a complete online presence”. Spending 2 hours just surfing the various sites, it quickly became evident that we would have to single out each of... Read More >

Horn Group – Cutting Edge Digital World Image

2009-01-22 by Richard D. Pace
Horn Group everything-pr

I spend a good deal of time scanning the Web for PR goofs so that we might illustrate and inform about how NOT to approach things. Today I really wanted to applaud Horn Group Digital Communications, in particular for the way in which they have seamlessly represented themselves both visually and contextually. From their landing page, to their insightful blog “Brass Tacks”, the firm has communicated themselves symbolically and literally as a tailored, refined and congruent business. This is conveyed in everything on their site. In the digital world, it is ever more crucial to demonstrate effectively who we are.... Read More >

Western Union PR: Represented by Bromley to US Hispanic Market

2009-01-20 by Richard D. Pace
Western Union PR - Everything Public Relations

Western Union has signed a deal with San-Antonio-based advertising agency Bromley Communications LLC (flash site) to manage all of the company’s US Hispanic marketing. Bromley represented Western Union in the past as well: from 1995 through 2002. “It’s a great honor to be brought back into the Western Union family of agencies,” says Ernest Bromley, president of Bromley Communications. Bromley is a communication agency that provides public relations, advertising, field marketing, promotions, interactive and direct mail. The PR department of the company is a joint venture established in 1999 between Bromley Communications and Manning Selvage & Lee. For its impact... Read More >

Sage Public Relations Group: PR Agency of the Day

2009-01-20 by Richard D. Pace
Sage Public Relations

The PR Notable of the day is a Denver based public relations agency: Sage Public Relations Group. The agency has issued today a press release announcing that it has expanded its range of services, launched a new website and added four new staff members in Colorado, California and Washington, D.C. Sage Public Relations Group was founded in 2004 by Jon Pushkin of Pushkin Public Relations and Dan Christopherson of Christopherson&Co. Communications. The firm, apparently young, has however in its staff reputable PR professionals with year of experience in the field. We reviewed Sage’s new website and we can say that... Read More >

Action PR Jordan: 16 Years in Business

2009-01-17 by Richard D. Pace
Action Communications Jordan

Action Public Relations Action PR, a public relations company from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, celebrated on Wednesday its 16th anniversary. The company takes pride in being the first public relations firm in the Kingdom. Action PR offers a full range of public relations, from strategic planning, media relations, daily coverage monitoring, reputation and crisis management, to editorial services and creative copywriting. The agency has already won international recognition. One example is the winning of Coca-Cola's MENA Consultancy of the Year Awards for the region's most creative PR agency in both 1999 and 2000. Action PR is member of the... Read More >

Social Media Spells Opportunity?

2009-01-17 by Richard D. Pace
social media

For the small business owner, the use of social media could mean more customers, sales boosts and increased brand reputation. But to achieve these goals it is not enough just to join a social network and go with the flow. Social networks rely on the power of their users, who group together in sharing similar interests (in the form of links, images, videos or sound). Sometimes, to belong to a group it is necessarily to adopt its prejudices and biased opinions. In real life, groups are led by leaders whose charisma and personality are strong enough to serve as an... Read More >

Say What You Mean Damnit 2

2009-01-16 by Richard D. Pace
PR Goofy Award

Sometimes finding the PR Goof of the Day is time consuming, looking all over the Web for the goofiest comment, campaign, blooper or idiocy. But then, sometimes the biggest goofs just pop right up in one’s mailbox. A friend sent this one to us that for lack of a better term, is un-understandable, or should I say, dis-understandable? Well, just put it this way, I cannot understand the first two paragraphs. Evidently the PR firm of JKS releases their press via Punjab for the English market, and via The Boston Globe for the Kashmir public, or someone had one too... Read More >

Weber Shandwick: Say What You Mean Damnit!

2009-01-15 by Richard D. Pace
Weber Shandwick Office

This PR blunder comes from a PR agency in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. According to the Yorkshire Post, Weber Shandwick, a local PR firm, was hired by a paint manufacturer Tor Coatings to be their PR. Evidently the paint company did not need a PR firm that could write a press release, let alone provide a title for it, as the released title appeared like this: "PR Agency gains new paint contract" Evidently, Paul Bowers, director of this Weber Shandwick office, was so pleased he went on to toot the company's horn further by speaking of landing other key clients in... Read More >

CLIO Awards Category: Strategic Communications and Public Relations

2009-01-15 by Richard D. Pace
Clio Awards

The CLIO Awards will be celebrating its monumental 50th Anniversary in Las Vegas. CLIO will award the most remarkable accomplishments in advertising. This year CLIO has added a new competition category: Strategic Communications/ Public Relations. Executive jury chair will be Edelman’s president and CEO Richard Edelman. "In keeping with Clio's 50-year tradition of recognizing the highest levels of creative communication, we are pleased to announce the new category that will acknowledge those in the industry who understand the power of public relations and communications in this highly competitive arena," said Wayne Youkhana, director of the CLIO Awards. "We are also... Read More >

Trimedia Wins PR Agency of The Year Award at European Excellence Awards

2009-01-11 by Richard D. Pace
Trimedia International Logo

Birmingham based PR agency Trimedia won the Agency of the Year award at European Execellence Awards 2008, in Budapest. Trimedia triumphed over names like Edelman, Weber Shandwick and others. The best campaign of the year award went to Aldi Stores UK: ALdi’s Amazing Hope in a Jar with Kavanagh Communications. Trimedia’s campaigns were nominated in other three categories including health (GlaxoSmithKline: Snorers Sleep In); entertainment and culture (Solvalla: Framtidens Mötesplats - The Venue Of the Future); ecology and environment (WRAP: Love Food Hate Waste and Coca-Cola GB: Coke Can Creations) ; government agencies and parties (The Austrian Federal Ministry for... Read More >

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