Taming Mobilegeddon – Google’s Latest Mobile Algorithm Update

Taming Mobilegeddon

Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm, which has been dubbed the “Mobilegeddon,” descended upon the web on April 21. The Mobilegeddon demotes sites that are deemed not mobile-friendly in searches performed on mobile devices. Below are some tips to ensure your website is up to Google’s standards for mobile devices. We will also introduce several tools that […]

Using SEO and Great Content to Build Your Startup

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Search engine optimization and content marketing go hand-in-hand in the modern business landscape. There will be no difference between a search engine crawler and a human visitor within the next five years according to many online marketing experts. You should begin preparing for this eventuality now. Why are search engine optimization and content marketing so connected […]

Are Google updates the SEOs friend?

The Truth on PR, Social Media, SEO & Email Marketing

When most of the SEOs I have spoken to think of a Google algorithm update it is about lost positions, angry clients and disavow files. “One minute you have a happy client who is showing up for all their converting terms and suddenly… BOOM”. Typically this will happen on a Friday at 4.30pm just before […]

Optimize Content for the Audience not SERPs

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Ultimately, SEO is having your website found in the search engines by people interested in your products or services. It’s a very profitable traffic source because most times there is much intent behind each search. As people caught on, they took SEO more seriously and began investing heavily in the channel.

Keys to a Successful Business Blog

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Business blogs bring a host of benefits. From an SEO standpoint, these blogs provide more indexed pages and link opportunities to boost your search business’ ranking. A blog also positions your company as a thought leader or credentialed expert by showing company expertises.

Service Companies Need SEO

SEO 101

For service companies – law firms, accounting companies, ad agencies – every single edge has the potential to increase revenues. That is one of many reasons it is vital to continue to improve (or create) SEO strategies.

The High Price of Low Cost SEO

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Everyone wants to be found in the search engines. Organic visitors typically account for most Web publishers’ traffic and yield one of the highest long-term returns on investment of any digital channel.