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The Money-Making Power of Foundation Capital Investments

Foundation Capital Investments (FoundCap) officially opened its doors twelve years ago in 2007 in Hong Kong. Hong Kong.

In the beginning, Foundation Capital Investments was a firm built to offer advisory on investment to individuals and corporations who wanted to break into the Chinese investment arena.  Even today, the Chinese investment markets offer many emerging opportunities occasioned by growth in key sectors including construction, education, transport, and housing.

Foundation Capital Investments is a well-oiled, refined version of the company that started in 2007. It still has its headquarters in the heart of Asia’s most vibrant city and today, Hong Kong is becoming a go-to hub for even the most discerning investors. Foundation Capital Investments, per the usual, has always kept itself one step in front of the most popular and lucrative investment trends. This is only one of the myriad of reasons that smart investors look no further than Foundation Capital Investments for its international and hard asset investing needs.

The founders of Foundation Capital Investments envisioned a future where they could help individuals and businesses make informed investment decisions, but understand that people wish to achieve financial independence in the shortest time possible. Many industrial investors consistently opt for risky portfolio choices that can go either way. Risky portfolio choices are also usually accompanied by poor and extremely risky portfolio management from inexperienced asset managers. Foundation Capital Investments is comprised of a smart, experienced group of professionals who know their markets and know their clients and know investment strategy and trend better than the rest.

At FoundCap Investments, our goals are different…

Goal #1

Goal #2

Goal #3 (and the most important)  

Preserve your wealth .

Protect the future of your wealth

Initiate a model that allows clients to receive the fruits of their savings and investment choices regularly, meaning Foundation Capital Investments will make certain that your wealth GROWS over time!

Foundation Capital Investments champions passive income opportunities as the primary avenues of investment for their clients.

Apart from a lack of time, investing know-how and skills are not ubiquitous among the public. They are highly specialized skills that require training, mentorship, experience, and a fair share of failure to perfect. The team of professional investment specialists at Foundation Capital help their clients bypass the initial need for failure by doing all of the extensive research and intense legwork for you. FoundCap’s team works around the clock, so you can move straight into investing accomplishment.

Most people want an investment that can make them money while they are asleep. They want to continue to do what they do for a living while earning a great sum of money on the side.

That is why Foundation Capital Investments exists.

Foundation Capital Investment’s ambitious initial goal was to target those investors who were in need of portfolio diversification with hard assets that were guaranteed to produce steady and growing returns. They nailed their initial goals and continue to push the envelope in the investment sector when it comes to the types of hard assets available to their investors.

FoundCap specializes in rental income investments notably:

  • Industrial rental equipment
  • Shipping Containers
  • Student accommodation
  • Commercial transport rental services

Industrial equipment pieces are expensive, even the smallest of the sort. For decades, the industry standard was such that all equipment no matter the size or location were issued to all companies one way: through an outright purchase.  In the last fifteen years with the advent of the shared society idea beginning to emerge across the world, renting became more standard practice across various sectors of business across the world. In the last decade, not only has the rental marketplace had its door thrown wide open with miles and miles of companies lined-up to prescribe to the monthly fee rental idea, but Foundation Capital Investments was one of the very first investment advisory firms to ride the wave of this modern investment trend and specialize wholly and completely in the rental income investment space. With great risk, comes Foundation Capital Investments and they are able to offer their investors the most modern diversifications and trendiest hard assets to round out each of their rental investing portfolios.  

The Rental Investing Process Is Simple

Investors pool resources together through Foundation Capital Investment to purchase industrial and commercial tools. They, in turn, lease that equipment to contractors and major construction companies at a monthly profit. Investors do not do anything to make money apart from making the initial investment.

The same simple steps occur that can be applied to the investing process and to those who invest in other hard assets available including rental containers, student housing property, commercial vehicle rentals, and more. Foundation Capital Investment prides itself with investment backed by a proven track record. After a decade of helping people with financial investment information, they are confident about their methods.

The Foundation Capital Investment Policy

We specialize in hard assets. Unlike volatile assets that carry with them a high degree of risk and uncertainty, hard assets are constant over time. The margins are small because the degree of change is similarly small, usually 5-10 percent.

They prefer insured and insurable assets. People want to invest in the lowest-risk options available. Tangible assets are reliable over time. They recover back to regain their values Even when the values fall. Besides, insurers are not afraid of backing them.

FoundCap Investment offers the lucrative passive income that a strategic investor coupled with the correct Investment advisory firm has the possibility of seeing on a monthly basis. Money should work for you and Foundation Capital embodies this famous maxim. If you trust Foundation Capital Investments to diversify your portfolio with a line-up of hard-asset rental investment tools that fit, your initial investment will be enough to make money for you regularly.

FoundCap relies solely on research-backed investing decisions.

There is a frightening tendency among asset investment managers today to use ‘hunches’ to make important decisions with your money. Such decisions have a tendency to lead to disastrous consequences. Foundation Capital Investment does not rely on the ‘hunch’ and is not taking that gamble with your investment. FoundCap’s overall investment portfolio is a distinguished work of research and development that makes certain that your initial investment will see only a steady rise as you sit back and enjoy the fruits of your ‘labor’ in the form of truly passive income.

Money-Making Opportunities

If you are looking to invest through Foundation Capital Investment, they have several prospects lined up. The most obvious one is the rental income business where they promise monthly payments to all investors. Investors can choose between buying and retaining assets or enjoying rental income.

Rental income from leased equipment is accessible among clients because Foundation Capital Investment has a fixed returns policy on rental obligations. There are virtually zero risks of missing monthly dues.

Discerning customers can reach the company through various online media channels and directly from their website

Start benefiting from the rewards that Foundation Capital Investments has to offer you today.   Invest in the rental business that delivers MONTHLY PASSIVE INCOME straight to your doorstep.

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