Due Up on CNBC: The Vladimir Putin Washington Can’t Get

Once again western analysts, strategists and politicians have been baffled by a Vladimir Putin and a Russia they simply cannot, or will not, understand. Watching the puppet media of Washington and Buckingham Palace play catch up to Putin’s China moves, it’s like watching a big, smart cat, playing with a dumbstruck mouse.

Update: President Putin is in St. Petersburg addressing entrepreneurs and economists at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum (SPIEF) on CNBC and doing an interview plus speaking to CNBC World. Mr. Putin has already laid to rest several misconceptions about Russia’s and his reactions to the Ukraine crisis, and relations in between America and China. The video at article’s end is a live bit from CNBC.

Conversation with farmer Alexander Kuksenko.

Putin on the phone with farmer Alexander Kuksenko – Kremlin

While US President Obama’s “geniuses” search for lost Putin billions to try and snatch, the Russian president ensures the economic security of the Russian people. AND gets set to talk on CNBC. So, today you get to see and hear the Vladimir Putin Washington can’t beat, and the one they just don’t get.

When I first heard Britain’s Prince Charles had slung another Nazi insult at Vladimir Putin, to be honest I was incensed over this failed royal etiquette snafu. You see people with nothing to do but inspect legions and silver polishings, they should (and have generally in history) understand and act in good form. Charles, as anyone who has followed the royal family knows, is the least proper future King who ever lived. So, screwing up diplomacy and centuries of royal reputation, this is nothing new. What is also old news, is Washington’s obtuseness where Vladimir Putin (or any Russian) is concerned. A man motivated by legacy and honor, is a paradox for some, you see. The Obama’s of the world being so imbued with “look what I got” sentiment, they mirror the materialistic psychosis all westerners are afflicted with. The long and short there being, Russians are not at all impressed with fancy cars, expensive watches, and glittery fairytale “Spielberg” moments.  No, Putin is not squirreling away $100 billion in stocks and bonds like some Howard Hughes of Russia, as this CNBC report suggests. (Although I would not rule out a vault with diamonds, gold, platinum, and artworks)

Apparently our government is bent on figuring out where Putin’s hidden billions are, and twisting his arm into….. into exactly what, not even Obama knows. It is unclear what Washington wants Mr. Putin or Russia to do? Putin does  not invade eastern Ukraine — Washington does not like it. Putin lines up troops inside his own country just in case — Washington does not like that. He moves them back — Washington does not like that. Putin asks separatists to back off, when they refuse —- Washington does not like that. Putin sends Ukraine a final gas bill (like the late bill you get) — Washington does  not like that. Putin signs a deal with China for half a trillion bucks in gas sales —Washington is really, really, really confused. The point is, and I think Vladimir Putin finally gets Washington now, Obama and his bosses will never understand Putin, and they will never, ever like Russians. Big surprise, no matter what Putin does, since the Snowden embarrassment, Washington just wants him gone. And it’s no wonder, he’s smarter drunk than they are sober.

Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia summit

Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia summit – Kremlin

But Vladimir Putin does care about what people think. Russians do care what their friends and contemporaries, in America especially, think of them. This is why Putin appealed to Americans over a potential Syria invasion in the New York  Times. The end there was NO dead US Marines as a result of gunboat diplomacy at the behest of Israel. Now this time, even though Obama, jolly Prince Charles and the rest of the west have forgotten, Russian President Vladimir Putin goes on CNBC to speak to Americans. Well it’s an interview, but Americans can discern for themselves (not through John Kerry or John McCain lies) what Mr. Putin’s recent moves have been all about. And yes, maybe “Squawk Box” anchor Geoff Cutmore will ask Vlad about those untold billions!!!

From what I know of Putin, the Russian leader is a simple man, not nearly the complex creature the west makes him out to be. Russians are not guided by an overbearing sense of individual flamboyance like westerners. Putin is Russian, through and through. Rich as he may be, “enough” money will do people like him just fine. This is why a China gas deal, simply offsets any inconvenience for the Russian people. Sure Putin may be setting up some Russia businesses to succeed, but then so too will Russian workers, the economy, and the future. You see Russia is going to grow people, no matter what Washington does. It’s time we got this. (I elaborate later) Putin moves forward with plans colonize the moon, for instance, as he discussed a launch platform below. (Maybe that’s where he’ll store his billions?)

Videoconference on construction of Vostochny Space Launch Centre

Videoconference on construction of Vostochny Space Launch Centre – Kremlin

Whatever Putin and Cutmore discuss, I’ll bet the viewer will get another take on this #Ukraine madness. You see the Russians did not invade Ukraine, America and NATO did. This is all the reader or viewer really needs to know. This time you’ll probably hear it from Vladimir Putin himself. As for me, I hope he verifies my “gold and platinum vault” therapies. What is 100% certain though, is that whatever Putin says this morning on CNBC, nobody in Washington or at Buckingham Palace will have a clue.

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