Top 3 Shipping Container Homes You Need To Order Right Now

Top 3 Shipping Container Homes You Need To Order Right Now

These days, people are finding numerous ideas for using old shipping containers. From creating pools with them to using them as an easy and affordable residential storage option, the ideas are endless. However, one of the more popular uses of shipping containers these days is using them to build tiny homes. Thousands of shipping containers are sitting unused on docks around the whole world. This makes them an affordable option when looking for building materials. They are also a very eco-friendly option for building homes as well.

Many people love the idea of using a shipping container for home-building purposes. They are friendly for the environment, affordable and durable. They are also great for a multitude of purposes. If you are not a builder and don’t want to hire a contractor to build you a shipping container home, there are many companies that sell them already assembled and ready to deliver to their customers. Below are three of the top choices in shipping container homes you can purchase right now and have shipped to you in just a couple months or less!

Kubed Living

This great shipping container home design is created to be a modern studio home with a luxury bathroom. It comes with 160 square feet of space and will cost you around $55,000. You have your choice in a single-container unit that features a studio-living space or a home made from two shipping containers that gives you a separate bedroom. The smaller unit will come with a kitchen which includes a refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher, oven and a pantry. It will also come ready for air conditioning and heat, a nice five-foot closet and a luxury bathroom with its own glass shower.

Custom Container Living

If you love the idea of having a porch, the shipping container home from Custom Container Living will be perfect for you. The company makes your home using a 40-foot shipping container with the addition of stained pine and lap siding to create its inviting look. It comes with two lofts for sleeping and has a full tub/shower unit in it. Other amenities included in this home are a washer, dryer, dishwasher and a full porch. The company also offers customers many options for upgrades. Their shipping container homes start at around $47,000 each.

Montainer Homes

Another great option in shipping container homes comes from Montainer Homes. They have many models to choose from and they start with a modest purchase price of only $45,000. This company boasts that their homes are all-inclusive dwellings. You can decide to have a home built from a single container or have a dwelling of multiple containers built to give you up to 800 square feet of living space. Each home comes with all necessary appliances with the option to get upgrades such as big windows, wooden floors and paint color options. For those that want to make their home even more unique, the company offers the addition of a rooftop patio onto their shipping container homes.

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