Twitterlerts: Stay On Top Of PR

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Twitter is often used for PR purposes, with news being tweeted constantly. Electric Pocket has just released Twitterlerts, a Blackberry app that allows users to monitor their chosen topics on Twitter automatically. The user is alerted to any important changes within their topic stream, at which point they can easily share or tweet back right from the Blackberry.

Twitterlerts is meant to allow people to track global conversations on any specific topic. This could be a business brand, their competition or a favorite sports team. Users are able to keep track of the latest news on their topic and respond immediately when necessary.

Twitterlerts is designed to be very convenient. It saves frequent searches so the user can access them rapidly and searches can also be automatically monitored. Set a search as high priority and the Blackberry will ring to let you know when your product is mentioned or whatever you have it set to alert you to. Tweets can then be sent via email to business associates and friends.

A Twitter account is not necessary to use Twitterlerts. Anyone can use it to track any topic, from anywhere. For those with more experience, new tweets and messages can be sent, as can replies and re-tweets.

“We think Twitter searching has a lot to offer both businesses and individuals, and is an ideal way to use Twitter when mobile,” says Iain Barclay, Electric Pocket’s Chief Product Officer. “Twitterlerts makes it really simple for our users to track topics that matter to them, and our unique alerting feature means they don’t miss out on timely access to important information.”

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