Valentine’s Day Blues: Men Don’t Like Being Single on the Occasion

Is being single on Valentine’s Day that painful? Apparently so, especially for men. Some men would rather have a root canal than be single on Valentine’s Day – this is the main conclusion of a recent poll by Harris Interactive. The Harris Poll surveyed 2,278 U.S. adults aged 18 and over, online, between January 17 and 22, 2013.

Single sad man

From 2,278 US adults (men and women) one in four men (24%) say they would rather have a root canal than be single on Valentine’s Day, compared to only 16% women.

Are men really afraid of being single on Valentine’s? There are many articles suggesting they could be – from the poll mentioned above, to How To: Spend Valentine’s Day Alone practical advice editorials.

AskMen advises single readers to “invite all their single friends (guys and girls) or those whose dates are unavailable, and have a bash at their place.”

The premise is that for single people, Valentine’s Day becomes Singles Awareness Day, and for men, the downfalls of being single on the day of love can outweigh the costs. An article by Zaldy Doyungan on The Collegian explains that some men may be spending the day at the shooting range.

“The past three Valentine’s Days, I’ve gone out to the shooting range and blown up about 500 shells,” said Kyle Colnar, sophomore in business administration, cited by The Collegian. “I think the last Valentine’s Day, I blew through $250-$300.”

The article continued:

“I would rather be in a relationship,” Luke Townsend, junior in finance and accounting, said, “just so you don’t have to deal with the horrible jokes people make about being single on Valentine’s Day.”

But singles don’t need to despair. There are many opportunities for them to have a great time on Valentine’s Day, without feeling bad for not being in a relationship. For instance, Butterfield 8 Stamford has a Valentines Day Singles Party, with free drinks for single girls from 9pm to 10pm, and cheap drinks for men. Fadó Irish Pub & Restaurant in Buckhead is hosting a Nuts and Bolts Valentine’s Day Party. Many other clubs and restaurants offer similar deals. There’s even an Adult Valentine’s Day Party at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center at the Phipps Plaza.

And for those who still want to find a date, the following study by Nerd Wallet, may come in handy. The best cities for single women appear to be San Francisco (116.2 unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women); San Diego (5 unmarried men for every 4 unmarried women); and Austin. For single men, the best cities are Boston, Baltimore and Washington DC.

Is nothing strikes your fancy, check out the practical advice for singles in the video below:

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