Book Trailers Are the New Black: Visual Quill

Visual Quill everything-pr

Visual Quill, a recently launched branch of Artitudes Design, has entered the market with a novel idea: affordable book trailers for authors of all genres. The brainchild of Andrea Heuston, Visual Quill combines the talents of Artitudes’ design team and an award-winning, seven-time published author who serves as Visual Quill’s resident book marketing expert and author advocate, Gerri Russell.

Gerri advises the design team on the publishing industry and what is most effective for authors, and the results can be seen in the video trailer below, for Gerri’s own novel, The Spy Who Left Me. The book trailer features retro graphics and music that instantly bring to mind the era of James Bond and Sean Connery classic spy movies.

And when they talk affordability, they mean business. There are five different pricing packages, to suit every budget, starting as low as $349.00. The most popular package, according to the company, has a higher price tag, at $999.00 – for the “Feature” option that offers custom imagery and custom genre-specific animation and dynamic motion graphics, such as those featured above. Upgrades such as custom sound effects, HD formatting, narration, custom-created music and custom 2D and 3D animation are available on all trailers.

The need for quality digital marketing tools is great as the book selling market is highly competitive and rapidly changing. Authors who can afford such marketing tools can reach broader audiences, sure, provided that their book trailers are promoted via appropriate social media channels, as well as with press releases, email newsletters, and Amazon video reviews.

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