Zeta Global with 4 ways to amp your newsletter marketing

Zeta InteractiveThese days everyone has a newsletter. But many companies don’t expect much from their newsletter, but they should. A newsletter can – and should – be an integral part of your digital marketing campaign.

Content matters, but aside from that, there are a few points anyone who wants to have a successful newsletter campaign must understand.

#1 – Subject lines count:  Here’s the reality we all know – people delete TONS of emails unopened based solely on their subject lines. Here’s the harsh light of reality the “conditioning of low expectations” has encouraged many people to ignore. With any digital newsletter, if the subject line doesn’t grab your reader, you are wasting your time. Period. But there’s more to a subject line than just trying to be compelling.

#2 – Not just news: Newsletters should never just be about “news.” They are about connections and relationships. They should offer the customer a SPECIFIC BENEFIT they can’t get anywhere else. Your newsletters must have a unique value intrinsic to them that your customer can only find there. This should be true of all aspects of your marketing plan, but often newsletters get short shrift. People regurgitate “news and events” without ever asking if there is anything in the newsletter that can only be found there.

#3 – The best information: We’ll say this again, because it is vitally important, don’t recycle old information. Give the reader something new and interesting to think about. Ask questions and generate conversations. OFFER YOUR READER something that they want to know. Whether it’s about your product, your industry, or something only tangentially related, you need to get – and keep – their attention with the best possible information related to your product, service or business.

#4 – Parsing your list: Don’t send the same stuff to the same people. This is where proper data mining and application come into play. You should never just send your list out to “everybody.” Here’s the thing: if your information is basic enough to be of interest to everyone, then it’s probably too basic to actually be appealing to anyone.

Bottom line – don’t just send out newsletters because “everyone is doing it.” Take the time to consider the specific and unique value you are offering with this communication. Offer new and interesting information and break down the content to fit specific target groups from your lists. Remember, search engines and social media forums don’t give everyone the same information. Neither should you!

Follow these tips, and you will find that not only are your newsletters giving you more value, but you will also see a better return on your contact lists and likely all your marketing practices.

David Steinberg is Chairman of Zeta Global is a Big Data, Customer Acquisition and CRM company that integrates data, technology and marketing services to help leading brands acquire, engage and retain customers.The company was named one of America’s most promising companies by Forbes Magazine.


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